Abbey Road ONE Roadmap

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Does anybody know what is the "roadmap" for Abbey Road ONE? Now this is a great sounding library BUT without important articulations (yes, mainly LEGATO) - is there any plan to extends ARO with these articulations? Or will there be an additional library for 50 euro every two months (like Legendary Low Strings)?


  • Hey Konrad, yup - there's still plenty to come from the Abbey Road Selections down the line. Unfortunately we can't be too specific regarding dates, but keep an eye out and there will be more news soon enough!

  • Michael B. Oliva
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    I too am very curious about this specific question, that I feel is unanswered.

    More to come, yes - but will articulation updates be coming for free to orchestral foundations - similar to that of the new BBC core and pro update? Or is Abbey Road One just going to keep releasing new additions to purchase?

    I own all three, and love them. It would be nice however to not have to buy each update. (However, more articulations means more recording which means the musicians need to get paid, I get it.)

    For now, the 3 of them blend very nicely though with BBC core.

    I do plan to upgrade to Pro next time its on sale and after I get my SSD backup because my 1TB MacBook is almost full!

    Quarantine plus this new passion/journey into midi has not been kind to my wallet :-0 (but has been very fun)

  • I recently escalated this to support as I'm eager for high strings legato to complete a project. I'm told Spitfire are aware of the demand for this but don't publish their roadmaps so would still like to know plans for future releases of this product

  • Spitfire Audio might not be specific regarding dates, but are you able to give us some idea of planned Selections slated for eventual release in the Abbey Road One range? Without some knowledge of the intended state of completeness at a range's maturity, customers have difficulty knowing if they are investing in the right product. I was surprised, for instance, at the introduction of the new range, Abbey Road Orchestra. I would have thought that these new samples would be supplemental to the already existing Abbey Road One range.

    I've already invested in the Abbey Road One bundle assuming it would eventually become a full orchestral package, solo instruments and all. But maybe the Orchestra range is meant to be fully compatible with, and supplemental to, Abbey Road One?