Spitfire's marketing team should not forget about older libraries

Just in the past couple of days, I saw three people suggest that Spitfire should make a library for a certain instrument which actually had already been done. I had to point out the North 7 Vintage Keys library for someone asking for a Spitfire Rhodes EP*, and the HGO2 library for a different person asking for a Spitfire waterphone library**. Another user was asking for a Spitfire shakuhachi, and someone else pointed them towards the Andy Findon Kit Bag.***

Spitfire's marketing seems to be focused almost exclusively on new releases, with the monthly 30% or 40% off on a single library being pretty much the only exception. Otherwise, unless an existing library is expanded (like SSO Pro or Abbey Road One), or receives a major update (like BBCSO a few months ago), after a new library gets through its intro period, it appears to just drop off the radar.

While of course, new releases need to be marketed strongly, and will always be at the forefront of any campaign, it would seem that many customers are completely unaware of some of the existing Spitfire libraries. Some additional marketing focus on older or "forgotten" libraries might help with sales of these.

* https://community.spitfireaudio.com/discussion/279/please-please-do-a-rhodes-piano-thats-the-only-instrument-i-would-like-to-join-the-labs-selection

** https://community.spitfireaudio.com/discussion/290/labs-should-get-a-waterphone-pack

*** https://community.spitfireaudio.com/discussion/comment/1923/#Comment_1923


  • Angus
    Angus admin
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    Hi @Justin

    Thanks for the feedback- and thanks for letting the community members know about the libraries already existing.

    There's two points here that I would respond with:

    1. The libraries you mention all require the Full Version of Kontakt. Therefore we tend not to openly advertise these, as many customers have purchased by mistake and unfortunately find that they do not work with Kontakt Player.
    2. As the library choice increases on our website, the marketing teams focus over the next year is increasing awareness of choice. In practice, that means that there will be improvements to the website and our marketing- with an increasing amount of in-house composers joining our roster... more on that soon!

    All the best,


  • Hi @Angus

    Picking up on the point you mentioned about the old libraries requiring the use of the Full Kontakt player - I have to admit that if the SA library is in Kontakt, I keep scrolling.

    Would you know if Spitfire Audio is going to migrate these Kontakt full libraries over to the dedicated Spitfire Audio VST UI?

  • Angus
    Angus admin
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    Hi @Jase Ess

    We do have a history of converting older Kontakt libraries into Originals (e.g. Albion II Strings/ Intimate Strings, Cimbalom, and Albion 1 Perc/ Cinematic Perc.). But I cannot confirm which libraries, if any, will be converted in the future to the dedicate plugin.

    Certainly with popular libraries like Spitfire Symphony Orchestra, we have kept this as Kontakt (Player) in order to avoid customers having to completely change their templates/ workflow in order to get access to the latest updates.

  • As a newbie, I'd love to know if there are any ethnic instruments available on the Spitfire libraries range.

  • Angus
    Angus admin
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    @Peter Kay if by 'Ethnic' you mean instruments that are not typically associated with westernised instrumentation, then Andy Findon's Kitbag 1 and Kitbag 2 are probably the libraries for you! As I mentioned above, these require the Full Version of Kontakt.

  • Hi Angus,

    Many thanks for your help!

    Unfortunately Kontakt doesn't seem to work on my laptop, which is a shame, but if Spitfire ever make a version of the Andy Findon Kitbags that don't need Kontakt then I'll be first in the queue!!

  • I have to admit, I'm really growing tired of Kontakt. It's true that it plays well and is fairly efficient, but the UI is just an abomination. I'd love to see old libraries ported to the new player. There are a couple I'm quite interested in, but feel very hesitant when I see that they're Kontakt only.