Cubase Expression Maps and the Spitfire Plugin

I feel very daft for asking this, but I have found myself stuck on how you would program the expression maps for the libraries based on the in-house plugin that SA uses like Abbey Road One and BBCSO. On Kontakt you could load every articulation into the main area on a separate MIDI channel and it's only taking up one instrument track in Cubase and no additional RAM. But on the plugin, there doesn't seem to be a way to do that. At least that I have found. does anybody have an idea or a solution to how one would use Expression Maps for libraries like BBCSO? Thank you all so much for your time!


  • Hi Kent! Thanks for the message. We have some Cubase Expression Maps handy (see attached zip!) for BBC SO Pro if that's what you are after! These are pretty full on expression maps and you may need to trim them down a bit if you aren't planning on using all articulations, but it is hopefully a good starting point for you!

    Expression maps can be added as an additional 'Lane' in your MIDI clip that you can input the articulation switches into. In the track inspector view, there is also an 'Expression Maps' area that lets you load/edit/create expression maps. The expression map lane itself shouldn't eat up additional RAM or CPU, though.

  • Thanks for the expression maps.

    J.Till Adelaide ,South Australia.