The Page is gone? [Solved]

edited June 2021 in Share Your Music

I bought BBC symphony orchestra Pro when it first came out and there were no other versions. One of the things that convinced me to buy was the promise of "The Page", a place where users could collaborate, find templates for any daw, etcetera.

I was dissapointed. The page was absolutely not what was promised, it was just some video's. There was no interaction possible at all between users, not even in a forum. And after some time a few templates emerged, but not the one I need: a template for Reaper and BBC Pro.

A few months later suddenly far cheaper versions of BBC Symphony Orchestra came into existance. Which made me feel robbed twice, as I would never have bought such a very expensive orchestra as I would have known there would be cheaper versions soon.

And still nothing useful on the Page.

Not everything is bad. I'm very glad with the update earlier. The new brass is great. But I'm very disappointed about The Page. Now even the few templates for other DAW's seem to be gone, as is The Page itself.


Where did the other templates go?