Studio Strings - Core, Decorative, Legato & Fx patches on one instrument track?


I am using Sptifire Studio strings Proffessional in Logic Pro 5.5 and Kontakkt 5.8

I have been using the core, decorative, legato and fx patches (per first chair patch) on separate MIDI channels and have the Logic articulation map facility set up so I can activate the articulations in each patch via this function.

To simplify the amount of instrument tracks I have also tried accessing all of these patches from the one instrument track so I can deal with all of the articulation from all four patches by including the channel switching options available in the logic articulation switching facility. There are however issues with note off message not working always or CC message not always going over. I have also tried setting all of the above patches to the same midi channel and then trying to tweak Key switch keys so the articulations are isolated and only one patch's (all now with same midi channel) articulations are active at one time. But couldt seem to get this to work after some hours experimenting.

Is there a simple and effective way to switch between all of the articulations in the core, decorative, legato and fx patches from one instrument track in Logic Pro or other DAW?

Many thanks for any help.

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