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Hello everyone,

I just bought the VST in question, and I noticed that, when activating the Cndsr microphone, problems occur with the pedal. That is, the sound cuts out despite the pedal being pressed. It is a problem that occurs randomly, not all the time, but it is very annoying. Does it only occur to me? As a DAW I use Reaper, version 6


  • Hi @robertomataluni

    When the sound cuts out, are the CPU or DISK indicators in the plugin (top left) peaking at 100%?

  • No, the pc is well equipped to make music. But I can say that I tried the vst again and this time the problem did not arise. So I want to hope it was only due to the first upload or some momentary problem. As soon as I have the opportunity to use it for a long time, I will get a better idea.

    Maybe a sound loading indicator is missing, and I started playing too early, that might be an idea.

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    @robertomataluni okay that is good to hear. If you have any further issues, please reach out to our support line at www.spitfireaudio.com/support

  • robertomataluni
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    @Angus I had the opportunity to test the vst for good, unfortunately I have to confirm that there are problems with the pedal: it does not always happen, but very often, even holding the pedal down, at some point, some sounds are not kept (especially the bass).

    It is as if it were a polyphony problem, even then pressing the same notes again (the problem often occurs when playing chords) the pedal works well. I want to emphasize that I am a pianist, so I know a little bit how to use a pedal.

    I opened a ticket with the support.

  • @robertomataluni I'm sure someone will be in touch soon, but I'd be interested to see if your pedal is binary (only outputs on/ off - 0/ 127) or whether it is an expression pedal, so is outputting multiple numbers.

  • robertomataluni
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    @Angus I have tested two pedals, both on/off, like piano (I had answered the opposite before, I corrected the answer because only now I understand what you meant, sorry)