No legato in the Studio Strings Pro violas stereo mixes?

Hi all.

Could any of you please check if you have sound when using any of the violas stereo mixes patches in Studio Strings Pro? I'd like to check this before I re-download and reinstall everything as all the stereo patches work fine for me, except for the violas that produce no sound at all.


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    Hi @nicoschuele

    We're aware of some issues with the Stereo Patches in Studio Strings. We have fixes for these available ahead of an update, so I have created a Zendesk ticket for you. Either myself or a colleague will be in touch with you directly. For anyone else (@Steve Shaw) experiencing no sound in the Studio Strings library, do reach out to us directly at


  • Steve Shaw
    edited October 2021

    Hi @nicoschuele

    I haven't used the stereo mixes but I've just checked and here is what I found

    Violins 1 all OK

    Violins 2 (6) no sound

    Viola (12), (6) (3b) no sound. (3a) is OK

    Celli and Bass OK

    I've done a batch resave and there are no errors or missing samples.

    It seems we have a problem!



  • Thanks a lot Steve!

    Unfortunately, it means that the library is broken. I'll open a support ticket but it won't likely be fixed promptly.

  • Hi Nico

    I hope it won't require a full download of the took 40+ hours when I downloaded it originally!



  • Hey. I downloaded it again after my first post. Took 3 hours... but the problem is definitely in the library. It seems that the violins II have that same issue as well.

  • Hi Nico

    I certainly had no sound with Violins 2 (6) though the other V2 patches were OK.



  • Hi! I just received the ticket confirmation. Waiting for the updated patches.

    Have a great day and thanks for the help.

  • Hi

    Great response from the support team.

    Updated patches work fine.

    Thank you.


  • hi, similar problem. waiting for a support ticket. john robinson.

  • I have been waiting since the end of 2021 for them to update this library and fix the Stereo Patches in this library. The files that were sent to me did not fix the patches. Even after I ran a batch re-save.

    I pretty much gave up on it. This Library must be the red headed step child in Spitfires Lineup......

  • Hi @b3shoals and @djrbfm

    The updated files that I received in October 2021 cured all of the issues in the Stereo patches.

    Spitfire Studio Strings Professional > Instruments > _Stereo Mixes_:

    f - Violins 2 (6) (Stereo).nki

    i - Violas (12) (Stereo).nki

    j - Violas (6) (Stereo).nki

    l - Violas (3B) (Stereo).nki

    Spitfire Studio Strings Professional > Instruments > _Stereo Mixes_> _Advanced_>Legato techniques:

    f - Violins 2 (6) - Legato performance (Stereo) PB-1671.nki

    i - Violas (12) - Legato performance (Stereo).nki

    j - Violas (6) - Legato performance (Stereo).nki

    l - Violas (3B) - Legato performance (Stereo).nki

    Spitfire Studio Strings Professional > Instruments > _Stereo Mixes_> _Advanced_>Individual articulations > i - Violas (12):

    i - Violas (12) - Legato (Slurred) (Stereo).nki

    Spitfire Studio Strings Professional > Instruments > _Stereo Mixes_> _Advanced_>Individual articulations > j - Violas (6):

    j - Violas (6) - Legato (Portamento) (Stereo).nki

    j - Violas (6) - Legato (Slurred) (Stereo).nki

    Spitfire Studio Strings Professional > Instruments > _Stereo Mixes_> _Advanced_>Individual articulations > l - Violas (3B):

    l - Violas (3B) - Legato (Slurred) (Stereo).nki

    Spitfire Studio Strings Professional > Instruments > _Stereo Mixes_> _Advanced_>Other Patches:

    f - Violins 2 (6) - Light resources (Stereo) PB-1671.nki

    i - Violas (12) - Light resources (Stereo).nki

    j - Violas (6) - Light resources (Stereo).nki

    l - Violas (3B) - Light resources (Stereo).nki

    I find it strange that the updated files didn't work for you. Or, do you have issues with patches other than those listed?



  • Hi Steve

    Yes these are the exact ones I received. On first attempt they loaded after Batch-re save. Then the error came back and batch re save would not work again. Went through the whole process again with no luck.

    Support tried to help me as much as they could. Their final conclusion on 12/31/21 was as follows..

    "I'm afraid there is no feedback from the product team as yet, but a full update on this library has been requested for the addition of these patches, which should resolve this encryption issue that has come up in your case. 

    I'm afraid I do not have a timeline for this but will continue to monitor and nudge and I will let you know as soon as there is news."

    I still use the library quite a bit. Just not those patches listed above. Below is one example of the problem patches.

  • Hi @b3shoals

    Did you get the Studio_Strings_Patches_Mar21 zip? It worked fine for me. I unzipped it and then put each .nki into its correct folder as shown in my previous post. Did a batch resave and have had no problem since then! It worked for the original poster too.



  • ( is the file title I received. Still have it.

    Performed the file placement as you and the instruction with the email provided. I think I may try again to see if anything has changed since I originally went through the process. I often wondered if it was a Kontakt Player issue in reading the files or the Files themselves are missing some component that kontakt needs to process.

    I really enjoy the whole Studio Spitfire line of Libraries. As I own the Brass and Woodwind also. All being the Professional versions. Used in conjunction with Altiverb, I have some great options on choosing the type of room or hall to use.

  • I would give it another try. Studio Orchestra Pro is really good as you say. It's my go to library!

    We both had the same update. The screenshot you posted seems like Kontakt Player is seeing the file(s) as something separate to the Strings Library for some reason.

    Hope you get it sorted soon.