Using Felt on My Piano

Hi there,

I recently picked up a Yamaha U1 and I'm loving it. I do love the sound with the felt down. However, I'm noticing that with the keys around middle C, I'm hearing a lot of resonance from other strings when the sustain pedal is engaged. As a result, some of the notes and chords in the area are not as defined. I hear other unwanted notes.

Has anyone experienced this? Do you know how to resolve it?



  • I’m sorry you are having this difficulty with such an expensive instrument , I can’t help, apparently no one else here can you so I suggest you contact Yamaha or your dealer. Hope you solve this issue.

  • Ask your piano tech about it the next time you get your instrument tuned. It's impossible to diagnose from your description, but it's possible that because one naturally plays the notes around middle C more than notes at the extremes of the piano, the mute rail (i.e. the piece of felt that is between the hammers and strings) becomes more worn near the centrally located notes. Those notes would therefore have a different timbre than surrounding notes. If that is indeed the problem, your tech should have no trouble diagnosing it, and it's possible to replace the felt on the mute rail.