BBCSO one year on...

I started my orchestral journey as a lock-down project, just about one year ago, with BBCSO Discover.

I quickly upgraded to BBCSO Core. (We'll see what upgrades Black Friday brings this year.)

I've been busy watching youtube, and learning the basics from Christian Henson, Jake Jackson, Guy Michelmore, and others. Recently I've been getting a bit more ambitious...

A year on, and I'm just (only just) brave enough to think about sharing my work.

The latest track, 'Fearless Steps' is my effort at a classic 3 act epic trailer.

I even did a special version, exclusively with Spitfire libraries. BBCSO Core, Labs Piano and Choir, and Originals Percussion.

The only problem with BBCSO is that with all those musicians patiently ready to play for me 24/7, I sometimes feel pressured to write a part for all of them!


  • Always nice to hear what musicians achieve even in the earlier days of their orchestral exploration. One can literally feel your absolute joy in creating this. Congratulations!

    I'm enjoying this also from the perspective of a fresh Discover user as I am, hearing how Core adds so much nuance to it, while it's still somehow recognizable. Sure the extra percussion, piano and a bit of choir truly put the sugar on top, but still. Loads of fun for me to listen to!

    I almost like the somewhat unrefined effects treatment, still firmly sitting in the recording space, no lofty additions to the reverb or other treatment to make it sound even bigger. You create the size with your composition very well. That being said, I can still imagine with a bit of mastering finesse, this could sound absolutely monumental. Or not, who knows.

    Whatever the case, however insane and inhumane the whole lockdown madness has been- certainly not over, yet- it fast tracked your path into orchestral delight and you're doing a marvelous job, Jacob(?) ... @jcobb !!!😎👍️

  • Wow! I really enjoyed listening to this.