Anyone use the Sensel Morph with Spitfire tools?

There's a great Spitfire video where they demonstrate the use of the Sensel Morph a Spitfire+Ableton Live pack. They had a custom map setup on the Morph.

I recently purchased a lot of tools and so I find myself learning them simultaneously. For example I'm still learning how to effectively do orchestration with Spitfire's libraries and use the Morph. The person in the video seems to have a great Morph map that works well with the Spitfire tools.

I've reached out to the Spitfire and they told me they can't help me regarding the topic.

Putting that aside, does anyone here have an interesting Morph map that they use with Spitfire tools? How do you use the device?

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    Hi @Estevan

    This MIDI device uses MPE, which relies on the ability to pitch shift and stretch the plugin, as well as After Touch. Our plugins and libraries that use Kontakt currently do not support MPE at all, so it would be difficult to programme this device for any other libraries that are not included in our specific Ableton 11 Pack, or BT Phobos.