Tips on overload ?

When i start my project it's like the most soothing experience ever but then i start adding 50 + tracks along the way and that's where it just gives up, i was wondering what are the best ways to not overload the cpu ?

The techniques that I use are :

1 Freezing tracks.

2 If using Kontakt purging is my best friend.

3 Bouncing Tracks to audio files (my least favorite).

If you have any more techniques please tell me ๐Ÿ˜….


  • Economize your composition. I don't care if I get a smack over the head for saying that, but the reality is, too easily people throw everything at a track but the kitchen sink. Was that really what made it good?

    My first line of "defense" would really be to kick back and consider a more economical approach, that I really find out what the music truly needs.

    I know, when using Kontakt it all too soon becomes too heavy not so much for the CPU, but actually memory. It will start to go to keep pulling data from the disk (watch disk activity in Kontakt). It's been a while that I have bothered with this stuff, but one thing I remember is that it's most important to have your libraries on a fast SSD that isn't jam-packed so that it can continue to be fast. Then, yes, you can purge, but that just borrows you a bit of time, I find, and I remember other weird stuff to happen then.

    ANYWAY, great thread idea, Ruben! I'm curious about other advice coming in, too! ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ

  • The first things you said were pretty interesting to me, it made me think about the way that I make my scores and rightfully I do like to layer my drums but it did make me think about the necessity of it, Although I do feel like Kontakt could make massive improvements in the world of ram economy, maybe put an option to only have a few octaves loaded up, and maybe also choose the max amount of velocity layers you want, just a few thoughts, in short, it needs a balance between not too much instruments and great working software.

  • Hi @Rubenofficial

    My first suggestion would be to look at your Sample Buffer Rate. If you're not so bothered about the latency between your MIDI Keyboard and audio output, increase this to 1024 Samples. The links below might also be of help.

    Improving Performance of Spitfire Audio Dedicated Plugins

    How can I improve my sample streaming performance on Windows?ย 

    How To Optimise Your DAW Session

  • @Angus thank you so much for clearing up all my questions, your tip of the sample buffer rate really helped, i will look deeper into those links ๐Ÿ‘€