⭐️DC's Stargirl Scoring Competition - And The Winner Is…⭐️



  • I see there has been some frustration at this, and I feel the frustration. However I would like to point out that having some success in the trailer business (where you do not score to picture) unfortunately does not segway to film scoring at all. My goal is to be a film composer, and I've been trying to get there for many years. I still work out of my apartment in New Zealand and I really don't have access to anything fancy, my "studio" is just an iMac at my desk.

    Still, I totally understand where people are coming from here. Cheers.

  • Congrats Chris - what an amazing score! I didn't take part in the competition, but is there still a way to download the video/dialogue even though the competition has finished? Would love to use it to practice.

  • @Seb we were only able to distribute the video as part of the competition during a specific time period. Keep an eye out for future competitions though!

  • Hi @Jason_Webster32

    Thanks for your detailed feedback. We will pass this along to the team for consideration.

  • Hey Chris,

    Congratulations again on your winning score, it really was terrific and well deserved. Based on the comments I’ve seen on various forums, I think most feel exactly the same. Enjoy it and good luck in achieving your ambitions and goals. I think you have a very good chance indeed!

    All the best!