Is it possible to pin the preset browser?


I have three use cases for that (assuming that I have no specific DAW controller attached to my Mac):

  • the DAW is playing back a section of my arrangement in cycle mode and I'am searching for additional sounds that fit into my arrangement
  • I'am searching for an initial idea for a new song and look for a sound that inspires me
  • exploring new Originals products

In both cases what I do at the moment is:

  • Open for example the Originals Media Toolkit
  • open the preset browser
  • double click on the first sound
  • play it on the keyboard
  • if it does not fit, reopen the preset browser
  • double click on the next sound
  • ...

When I'am using the preset forth and back keys I'am missing all the additional context information that the preset browser shows, for example I want to skip piano sounds because I already have a piano in my arrangement.

My good old Korg Trinity Pro Synth has a safety pin symbol at the top right corner of the preset browser that I can close. When it's open it means the preset browser will close when selecting a preset, when I close it selecting a preset means it gets loaded but the preset browser will stay open.

Do I missed something and that's already possible? If not that would be a great workflow improvement for me.

Thinking this bigger, because every Originals Plugin is it's on plugin there is also the overhead of switching from Originals to Originals instead of having them in a single plugin...

Just some thoughts :-)

Have a nice day,


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