What should spitfire do next?



  • A "core" version of Eric Whitacre Choir would be great!

  • Hi @Jase Ess

    I was thinking more like EWC with 1 mic or mix and maybe no evolutions. Similar to the core versions of BBCSO, Studio Orchestra etc. The gap from a free product to £549 needs something in between.



  • MichaelS
    edited August 2021

    I love the SA recordings, they are like complete mini-packages to compose from. This would also be great for era specific .. like Cajun, all types of jazz, amongst others... small and large recorded in famous rooms..? . Porting the Kontakt only over to Spitfire app would be great too.

    Types of Jazz Styles | LoveToKnow

  • Legato Flautando! (3 piece dry strings) Never found anything like this in any other library, a tricky one to sample I know, but the outcome would be revolutionizing.

  • I agree!! There are plenty of amazing libraries in the stable already that could use a facelift…

    updating the legato scripting across all of their libraries to respond in the way they do with performance legatos (BBCSO, Solo Strings, etc)

    programming portamento legato for woods and brass on low modulation settings like they have for strings would be AMAZING!!!

    Going through and really examining release controls for each product and what it does, then matching them all as much as possible.

    Also, adding legatos to libraries that SHOULD (imho) have them, like Tundra, for instance. The strong legatos there are not fully formed and there are no brass or winds legatos. This library would be SO MUCH more emotive with these tools at our disposal.

    Also, having the brass be a bit more epic wouldn’t hurt. I love spitfire very much and most of my orchestral VSTs are Spitfire products. But I can’t cleft a brass sound as epic as OT or Cinesamples from Spitfire libraries. Sometimes we need that extra aggression and size.

    sorry for the lengthy rant, but I love this company and support it happily. I just think that things can definitely be improved for all the loyal customers who patronize your fine company!! That way, we all get to create more beautiful music with your fine products!!

  • I would love for the harpsichord to be repackaged as a regular plugin, so it wouldn't require Kontakt Full, which I don't have nor plan on having. I bought the Steinberg harpsichord but returned it the same day because their software / licensing-drm / experience is... atrocious.