What should spitfire do next?



  • A choir with well-crafted phrase builder.

  • Oh wow, I had no idea! No idea at all that SA released such a library! thank you so much for sharing! I purchased it right away lol!

  • I didn't know they had this in their lineup either! There's a whole bunch of gems they haven't brought a lot of attention to in recent years. Someone just mentioned it on another forum the other day. So glad I could help; I hope it is what you were looking for!

  • I would like to see the addition of all saxophones and trombones with proper slide articulations plus banjo for jazz band compositions or jazz style within orchestral compositions.

  • Same here - I bought Albion Tundra and was so disappointed when I had to use the tiny Kontakt interface... using Spitfire's own interface would be amazing...

  • While there's always room for new libraries - I'd personally leap at the chance to get a good library of jazz instruments and articulations - I would like to see Spitfire continuing to add to and improve existing libraries. As an example, there are more instruments that can be added to the BBCSO library and more functionality within the player (a purge function would be brilliant).

  • I would like to see a Joby Burgess Percussion II, or near equivalent, basically an up to date full featured and greatly expanded version of that older library.

  • I really hope they don’t do this. From my point of view, great music does not, has not and will not come from one-fingered players (who have a sufficient number of other fingers, of course) who want libraries to play for them. It’s a worrying trend. How hard is it to sequence these things? Or in a pinch, if one must, to program the arpeggiator in one’s daw?

  • This was intriguing to me, so I listened to the walkthrough. Can anyone who may have bought this speak to how it sounds without the absolutely cavernous reverb applied to it?

    To me the decision to record it in a dry room speaks to the difficulty in getting legato to work for not only flutes but any instrument where lots of ambient perspectives are recorded.

  • My wish is for libraries with dry recordings and multiple IR’s to simulate the space desired.

  • Surviving jazz greats and newbies playing their unique sounds on their instruments. Voices solo and choir, special techniques on orchestral instruments and a pallet of avant guard sounds from instruments and electronica

  • I don't necessarily disagree with you. I would hope Spitfire doesn't waste too much time with such tools, especially since there are so many other tools out there that do a very similar thing and allow you to do almost what EW has with the Spitfire libraries. However I would ask that we don't disparage those that are not great keyboard players who would make use of such tools. Just because one doesn't play in their parts or uses step entry methods or other algorithmic tools to get the job done doesn't mean the end product isn't effective at achieving the end goal.

  • It’s not about whether or not someone can play keyboard with great facility that’s at issue really - it’s a question of who’s driving. There’s a difference between someone writing an exciting ostinato and someone calling up a preset. I don’t think that having so many quick and easy choices will do much except two things: make music of a certain level sound more homogeneous, and make someone think that they are making something when they are more just allowing or accepting something. If the end goal is churning out something that acts like score, it might work, but I don’t think that’s headed anywhere good.

  • It would be nice to have the Yamaha U3 or the Schimmel upright piano from Originals recorded without the felt. Also, a plucked upright bass and jazz drums played with brushes.

  • I would love to see a Spitfire/Kronos Quartet collab housed in the Spitfire plugin!

  • Guilty. I too have bashed Kontakt for its tiny interface, but I have to admit you've got a point there Edward. I'm using NI's 'Thrill' and I absolutely adore this GUI. But I love Spitfire's dedicated plug-in as well. And I like using Orchestral Tools's own interface too, and Decent Sampler, and, and, and. Kontakt is a decent workhorse but it's not the only player on the market and you'll get used to it whether you like it or not.

  • Christian doesn't like saxophones. Too Belgian for him.

  • My two cents:

    1. I would love to see them update their legatos across all instruments and products to perform more like the newer legatos in their stable, like BBCSO, Solo Violin/Cello and the new Abbey Road expansions. Having the ability to play fast runs, play lyrically AND play staccato detached notes all in one patch is a great convenience when scripted well, which they have done in those newer products.
    2. another wonderful project would be ethnic libraries, specifically by country, region or style. So a traditional Chinese music library, Japanese, African ensemble, Middle Eastern ensemble, Etc. Using or enabling microtones where applicable would be a bonus.
    3. band instruments done the spitfire way. Traditional electric guitar, bass, drums and keys. Perhaps modern performance horns too (saxes, trumpets and trombones, with modern articulations…)
  • Would love to see a piano for BBCSO. I am a pianist myself and so the instrument is an integral part of my pieces! I've got several pianos, which many are spitfire's, but I'd love to see a BBCSO piano!

  • I would really like a series of videos of "deconstructing film scores", a collaboration by Christian and Paul. Christian can look into the musical sections and the situation in the film when they are played and how they work well and why certain instruments were chosen by the composer and try out some alternatives possible. Paul can look into the musical theory and notes (and the order) chosen and played by the composer, the orchestration, and how they add to the effect...

  • I've become a sucker and addict for evolutions, so I'd like to see a follow-up to LCO Textures, perhaps an EvoGrid 4 too, more Ambient Guitar evos and so on. The Choir library, like Symphonic Motions, gets a vote from me as well.

  • Update Photos so I can load my own WAVs as IRs and sound sources.

  • The Ansion
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    I've been thinking about this the past couple of days, apologies if it's already been suggested (it's quite a long thread).

    But what about a stripped down "best of" the Albion's? For those unsure which library to go for, you could have a few articulations from each library with limited mics at an affordable price which would then still give you the option to upgrade to the full library if you want to dive deeper.

    I know SA don't do trials for libraries as they say their youtube videos give you an in-depth looks at all articulations. But I find there's a huge difference between listening to a seasoned professional showing you the ropes and a twat like me trying to coordinate my two fingers on the dynamics and expression sliders, let alone trying to play in key, and it's never the same.

    Just a thought.

  • Spitfire seriously needs a Far-East library! Would love to see complete Chinese and Japanese collections along with some African and more obscure instruments. Definitely include winds like the ubiquitous shakuhachi. There are other choices out there, but having these instruments on the same sound stages Spitfire uses today would solidify the cinematic experience with existing libraries.

  • @Shibumi they do have a shakuhachi, it's just an older kontakt library. There's a few other world flutes included although I'm not sure what exactly you were looking for. Check out the Andy Findon Kit Bag 1 & 2. They might be in need of an update to the standard Air or Abbey Road sound haha.

  • I would like to hear some uplifting 'jolly 'demo pieces of music from the spitfire team to advertise their libraries.I know they are known for brooding dark pieces but it would be a nice change..my penny's worth anyway 😁

  • If you use Spotify, you can always check the Spitfire Audio albums, in which it is very likely that they have used SA libraries.

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    Honestly it's just technology advancement and also people were saying the same when things switched to digital and the thousands of dollars put in analog equipment's that was of no use after. I don't mind if some companies create things like that. Also there's no rules except the end products you bring on the table at the end, it won't change anything and if you use these tools to program them yourself and put some time and efforts to create something that stands out, why not.

    I don't own the new version with Opus, I will just wait till the upgrade is given for free (they will at some point) but anyway I'm not even sure I will use the new orchestrator feature except if I don't have time to work on something.

    I think it's a good tool when you need to render fast and that you don't have time to complete a project or a scene. Time is enemy number one for media composers and the fact that it's post production, sometimes there's changes that are applied in the last days, why it's cool to have a picture lock and some time ahead of you but most of the time it's not the case sadly...

  • I would like to see a collaboartion between Hildur Guðnadóttir and Spitfire Audio to create an experimental and detailed library featuring the Halldorphone. This could be a winner for them as there's no library featuring this instrument on the market.