What should spitfire do next?



  • Boy, I love @Anders Wall's suggestion. Alternative Woodwinds and Brass, and Perc? Man...I'd be all over it.

    And what about Ondes Martenot as a Spitfire Original?

  • Not sure if it’s been said, but loyalty discounts would be amazing. Since spitfire have a lot of products, a good way to have a loyalty discount but not be exploited would be for the flagship products. It would be lame to stack up a few of the $29 libraries and expect a discount, but I feel like if you own any of their products that are $300-$400 in price, it would be amazing to start getting loyalty discounts towards products of the same $$ range. The sales are def great, but if you’re interested in something for a particular project and need to get a library ASAP it’s tough to wait 6 months till a huge sale & if you’ve already spent over $1600 on their products it’d be nice to be rewarded vs someone who’s spent $100 on the company.

    Just a thought!

  • Another massive (and divisive!) competition.

    Instead of scoring to picture, it could just be for a 20 odd minute EP of tracks or single overture.

    Tiered prizes....the 'everything on an ssd' like previously given; or professionally mastered and put out through their label; or top library in your wishlist.

    I'd imagine it would certainly inspire customers!

  • Albion One and Abbey Road One Lite libraries with upgrade discounts.

  • Wouldn't you think MPE controllers are a good option?

  • I would like to see a banjo library for LABs

  • They have plenty of great software, and my wishlist is a solid $2k+ already....

    But what I'd *really* like to see them do next is to hire more software engineers instead, to fix their plugins so I can spend less time troubleshooting my libraries.

  • A power-user worthy user interface for the Spitfire Sample Player:

    Considering how much screen real estate that plug-in wastes, it'd be nice if I wouldn't require clicking through so many pages that open in small subsections of the window and instead be able to have like in the BML user interface everything important on the spanner page.

    Even better, something like u-he's skin system (with the hidden editors in the plug-ins) would be amazing, allowing users to make their own skins for different needs.

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  • That's good to know. Here I was waiting like a fool lolol. I thought he said the same thing about sampling woodwinds/flutes in general so I'm not expecting a woodwind symphonic motions library either. I guess they'll just stick to their strings and hybrid electronic libraries :*(

  • whatever you do with Labs make it experimental and with caracter ...

    in tecnical terms i would go for the expression used in drama toolkits ... its amazing

    right! just an idea, i would go for a unik sound of the Portuguese Guitar or any other (world instrument)

  • Some chamber strings/string quartet libraries within the Abbey Road library, using studio 2 would be amazing

  • I can't remember if I suggested this already or not and perhaps some others already have, but I would really like to see a consolidation of the Spitfire dedicated players. For example, LABS has it's own player that can load any of the LABS. Same with Abbey Road so far. BBC is kind of one product, but it can load any patch from any version of the BBC, assuming you have Pro. I would love to see this carry through to at least the Originals Series. So I don't need to load up a half dozen players or more just to audition the sounds from all of the Originals series. Same thing for the SA Records series. Some things may make sense to keep in their own wrapper, like Whitacre Choir but if there ends up being something that make sense to share a player with Symphonic Motions, same idea...

    Also I wish there was more consistency in user settings across all the dedicated players. Most allow you to se a default size, which I usually set to 0.75 to 0.8 of the normal size. But LABs doesn't let you do that. LABS also doesn't allow you to change the gain units to db rather than a percent, although I'm not sure there is any LABs patches that make sense for that option. And I don't think it allows you to change the knob from circular drag to up/down drag and I vastly prefer a up/down drag. Also there is inconsistency of the option to change from short articulations dynamics responding to velocity to CC1 instead. I wish everything could be set to that, for crappy players like me and especially if you're traveling and working on a tiny keyboard, it's a pain to try and play with the correct note velocity. So please let me use CC1 instead.

    Lastly, while I live the British Drama Toolkit and Contemporary Drama Toolkit and I get that the while point is you play those instruments, again, if you're not using an optimal keyboard controller it's hard to get the velocity correct on a regular basis. I have to spend a lot of time tweaking the note velocity in the DAW. So maybe for those of us who are crappy players or the like we could put a mode in those two products to allow for the velocity response to be mapped to CC1?

  • I'd vote for an acoustic guitar and a solo string.

  • Ignacio
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    Like plenty of people that listens out there, we many have been watching from the distance, many VIs by SpitfireAudio. Then years have past and we keep onlooking. I have got most of the Free ones. However...

    I do like to build up my libraries and mostly do so by getting access sometime. No issue if I have to be attentive, hence offers and special occasions are the times when this frequently happens.

    Also, I appreciate when there are UPGRADE PATHS so I may invest (a number below US$100) on a high quality instrument, hi res recording (hopefully 24/96kHz, used for pitch effects), of which I get certain samples... that later I may upgrade (with additional max USS$100) to obtain more layers, phrases, round robin channels, and possibly later --a year or more may pass-- i acquire a third install to attain the complete full files.

    I have no problem in taking three years to achieve a full high quality definitive French Horn (complete with unmuted samples , I'll do that later myself) at 24/96kHz, or a Cello.

    Simply there is no access path for me yet. Thank You

  • And let me underline it; A French Horn, recorded fully unmuted, careful! close mic to the flare, hi res 24/94 files.

    Aaah. Decades!! and probably lives that I've been waiting for this as a composer tool, not being a Horn player myself!

  • I would think that it would be interesting to have an accordion recoded. There are so many registers, techniques and possibilities and I think it would be great. It's something that I didn't see so far.

  • With EastWest coming out with The Hollywood Orchestrator' today for their new Hollywood Opus Edition, and Unify having Discoverstation, enabling orchestration of BBCSO, it seems this should be an area Spitfire should be considering. With their whole suite of libraries, imagine a bespoke plug-in that could integrate these in the way others are starting to do (even others using Spitfire's own products!). I really hope we see Spitfire see this sort of development, and jump on it.

  • That's odd. Wondering how we can change Christian's mind. It's just an instrument – it's how it's played that can make or break it, and this could be said of anything. I feel like Christian ought to know better!

  • I wish they implement microtonality with scala or tun files in their own player........should be great in my opinion.......

  • I'd love to have a Spitfire Big Band / Swing Band recorded in the hall...

  • They should finish the Symphonic Brass library. They still haven't released the Solo Tenor and Bass Trombone Legato patches they promised in a free update. This was all on their articulations list for that library when it was on Intro pricing.

  • A Steinway D included in BBCSO would be wonderful.

    The Spitfire custom plugin / UI across the board would also make all, currently Kontakt based libraries more attractive.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • yea, "tiny". (if Spitfire makes their Kontakt instruments tiny - it's up to them - don't blame NI)

    I personally would prefer that they stuck with the rock solid, tried and true Kontakt.

  • Just want to simply shout out to another MSS user! Got them recently and love them! 🤘🏼

  • me too. warm and expressive. two libraries in one! (intuition and the main course) - so much to play with but the things i can't tear myself away from at this point ( I've had it for about 2 weeks) are the ostinato builder (which I call phil glass in a box) and the rhythmic tool for shorts.

    apropos to this discussion the interface is huge and easy to read.


    PS have you tried moving your instruments around on the stage? magic

  • The Baldwin Electric Harpsichord would be amazing!! I've heard a few other companies try at it, but it always sounds cheesy.

  • Include Daniel James (Reviewer and oft' times critic of some Spitfire design), on the ideas team to squish potential loss of income from designs unaligned with professional usage needs.

  • Kent
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    I think It would be amazing if SA released more ethnic-based instruments. The first that comes to mind is the Shakuhachi! For one, it's very common in a blockbuster score, with James Horner being the first that comes to mind using it. But it's also not very well represented in the sample space. With SA's firm focus in providing cinematic-sounding libraries, the Shakuhachi would be so fitting in either a LABS or included in another ensemble orchestra-based library!