What should spitfire do next?



  • What should they do next?

    Simple - a big button in their otherwise great VSTi that says “Purge Samples”

  • Stephane
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    All in all the bulk of libraries is fine already.

  • Thing is, Christian doesn't like saxophones you see. In fact, he said the only worthy thing the Belgians have produced is Audrey Hepburn.

  • Best service dark era and their other eras. Really great stuff, perhaps not directly renaissance, but a lot of variety.

  • I would like to see a performance legato solo cello, viola, and violin that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

  • The Ansion
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    They should release a Piano...

    In all seriousness, I think their strong points are orchestral libraries and their collaborations with electronic/experimental artists. They should really explore more into libraries of collaborations without tying into an SA recordings release - I mean I guess that's what part of the business model is for that side, but there's some real gems in there for sound design.

  • spitfire all library is beautiful,just need updata & fix .

  • THIS!

    If I see a Spitfire product requires full Kontakt, I keep scrolling.

    Id love to see SA convert their libraries into their own VST GUI. If they did, I would be extremely poor purchasing a lot of what they have.

  • I would like to see “Albion TWO” and the mic expansion to the SSO.

    check out 2:40 and 25:45 in the video below.


  • The Challen piano, including the tack version, from Abbey Road.

  • Trevor
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    All I can think about when considering "What should Spitfire do next" is getting my fingers on the Abbey Road Modular Orchestra. I've squeezed and bought a nice pile of Spitfire libraries, which I'm in love with. The recording style, tone, playability, everything is perfect for my needs. My favourite sound by far is Abbey Road One.... but it's such a tease! No legato, limited articulations and ensemble-only puts it in a fairly small usability box.

    I've been holding off purchasing the full SSO because a) no mic expansions and 2) I'd rather build out my palette with the sound of Abbey Road One. (Air is also gorgeous but I prefer AR1.) Because of the long wait for Abbey Road releases, I keep having to resist temptation by other beautifully seductive spaces (Teldex......) and so I'm having to exercise way too much willpower to stay on the Spitfire train!

  • Still awaiting the Spring sale. The sun is shining, the trees are covered with blossom, lambs are in the field. Feels like Spring to me. Please can we have a sale Spitfire?😉

  • Absolutely - I use kontakt but don't enjoy using it. The Spitfire plugin is great to use. If they switched over things like Studio Woodwinds to it I'd buy it today.

  • i think they should work on their player which is now quite bad

    • extremely slow I/O so loading 3Gb of samples can take minutes on SSD capable of delivering 1GB/s, this also affects realtime sample loading and causes sound drops
    • plugin ignores offline-state which means that when you render track but don't wait until everything loads, plugin will render silence instead loading needed samples and rendering everything properly.
  • They should do... the hardware controller that looks like the spitfire plugin (... without the peg board of course!)

  • I would love to see some affordable Solo Vocals.

  • Would you care for a Delia Derbyshire sound library?

  • Reselling the additional mics from Mural that went on sale a couple of years ago. We've never seen these since.

  • Then there's Hans Zimmer Brass of course...

  • I would like a high school orchestra, and not a good one. What I mean, is a warm, sparse, inaccurate group. The perfect recordings are great, but sometimes it would be very cool to add this kind of color. I hope everyone understands what I mean.

    Call it "High School Ensemble" or something.

  • I would like to see Spitfire Audio's take on some medieval instruments. I have a feeling they would bring this to another level! And it would be cool to have different types of those old instruments, from strings to percussions, and let's not forget all the possible trumpets etc.

  • Maybe hardware? Or a controller built for your libraries? just a thought

  • Nils
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    Please make a choir sample library together with VOCES8. They are amazing singers and they are from England.


  • Spitfire should introduce a subscription service for their bundles like albions or maybe Hans zimmer bundles etc for those of us with not so deep pockets

  • Petros the Musician
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    There is a WANNABE Instrument Invented by Johann Sebastian Bach Himself.

    Lute harpsichord. Embraces the benefits of the developed harpsichord AND the bold and eloquate sound of the Lute (the Lute's resonant) If you are familiar with BACH life You probably know his scetches about the lute-bodied harpsichord. Bach was not satisfied with the soundboard od the harps.d and by his musical inner ears he recognised the solution.

    I had a privilege to play this miracle couple years ago -- a prototype. Since I had a "close encounter" as a pianist, I bravely can say, this is the solution folks -- its a milestone in the musical history. And NOW its affordable, approachable and has two version. The original Lute-harpsichord and the Theorba version (kinda bracco or baritone)

    There are several difference between the two original instruments eg. gut strings have more internal friction than metal strings. This bring some interesting and very very exciting technival & concept. challlenges.

    Just google it: lute harpsichord + Tihamer Romanek (Hungarian lute maker)


    The experience is life changing.

    The instrument is a gem.

    The next generation of the Enterprise ... ehhhmm,, the pluck & kbd instruments.

    SO. Lets sample it, dear Christian & Paul!

  • I wish Spitfire had a knob on every piano instrument which turns them 90° clockwise.

    Then I can hear the proper acoustic representation of the Pianic Holy Trinity: Soundboard - Reflektor - Floor-reflection.

    It also means that the lower voices would not come from the left and etc... but the scale would go "up" from the rear - toward the front position, mixed by the reflector-sound AND floor-reflected-sound.

    Floor, could be various material according to the real life.

    Kinda Breakthrough in the market -- just sayin'


  • I would love a piano for the BBCSO

    But mostly a Alternative Solo Woodwinds and Brass to go along with the Alternative Solo Strings.

    Extended articulations for contemporary scores.



    Free samples at lofiaudio.com

  • my suggestion as well. Rinascimento is....deeply flawed. Some instruments are so out of tune they are useless. (the larger organ and hurdy-gurdy)

    and many there doesn't seem to be a real understanding of how the instruments actually make sound. (vibrato and volume control on capped winds?)

    I used it extensively on a large project because there really was nothing else. There was very little of that library that did not require me opening Kontakt and making modifications - usually to allow pure or Pythagorian tunings. Reverb to 100% off. (everything swimming in recorded reverb already...)

    The strummies were nice.

    Best Service has a collection that looks pretty absurd. Among other things bowed psaltery is not an early instrument.

    Embertone makes an OK collection of recorders. The attack stage is a hard T however, which isn't entirely suitable for early music. (See Opera Intitulata Fontegara , Sylvestro Ganassi) but it's much better sounding than the ones from Rinascimento.

    Osterhouse has a Gamba. If it's anything like his other instruments it will be excellent.

    And lastly Sonic Couture has the "Conservetoire Collection" which is a mishmash of instruments that don't generally get played together. nakers, 2 harpsichords, side drum, lute and hurdy gurdy.