What should spitfire do next?



  • WimeSTone
    edited March 2021

    Introduce an expansion/upgrade for BBCSO Core to include instruments present in Pro version, namely solo strings and cimbasso. While mic positions sure are nice to have, they consume insane amount of resources. Having complete set of instruments is more important.

  • Have a sale please 🙏

  • I would like to see Spitfire sample street drummers. I think it would be something different than your typical orchestral instruments. You could have soloist and ensemble sounds. Also they could include the different mic positions.

  • A funk library! With loads of funky/jazzy instruments

    pleeeeaassseeee :)

  • There is a shocking lack of saxophone libraries out there of any decent quality that work with orchestra (I've tried many!). I think that only Spitfire could do this properly given their attention to detail and sound. It is a useful scoring instrument, and I use them in my charts all the time, but when it comes to mockups, I have to bury them! Nothing too extensive - soprano, alto, tenor, baritone - would be great.

    Solo male vocal is also something I'd love to see. Baritone, bari-tenor, and tenor. The solo female vocal market is very well served, and I'm always shocked at the questionable quality of the male libraries.

  • A French horn played. by Pip Eastop

  • I recall Christian saying that saxophone is the worst instrument, so I wouldn´t imagine them doing it that eagerly. 🤪

  • I believe Spitfire shall now strive to create the ultimate guitar sample library. The ambient guitars library is good for soundscapy stuff. But I would love to see an all-genre guitar ultimate guitar sample library.

  • As a professional sax player, I agree. The sample libraries I've heard are miserable. Legato on even the best ones isn't even close to what I sound like. But hey, I'd imagine the players are always the harshest critics...

  • I'll add to the chorus a bit:

    1. I'd love to see all the Kontakt libraries ported over to the dedicated plug in if possible
    2. In the dedicated plug in I find the giant knob to be a large waste of screen space, so you can hide the bottom half of the plug in many of the Spitfire libraries that use the dedicated plug in. How about the ability to hide the big knob?
    3. I'd love to be able to layer multi-timbral sounds in the Spitfire Plug in. So if I want to layer some articulations, I can do it all in single plug in instance. Yes I know you can play more than one articulation in the player, but I'd like to be able to control the level individually like you would with a multi-timbral synth ala Kontakt (minus Kontakt's UI please) And sometimes I may wish to layer a brass and woodwind patch or something like that. It's just easier if I don't need two tracks in my DAW or to build a virtual rack in the DAW.
    4. another vote for big band, jazz and musical theatre type tools, solo horns and winds that are not "in a room". And things like saxes and a great selection of mutes for the brass and things like flugelhorn, etc..
  • Acoustic and Electrics please, with a good strum tool for us non guitarists

  • A Grand Harp Library would be useful .

  • Good thinking, but please not just recorded in octaves.

  • For #3, you can do this by turning off 'Global' mode in the mic mixer. This lets you set mic mixes individually. You still can't mix brass and woodwinds, but you can at least set individual levels for the articulations in that preset.

  • I agree with Richard, I'd like to see some of the 'older' products enabled as a dedicated plug-in. Specifically in my case, both the Steven Devine Harpsichord and Symphonic Organ.

    I'd also like to see all products NKS-compliant.

    Please continue the great products videos!

  • VOCES8 is one of my favorite singer ensemble with a very special and unique sound. And they come from Britain. 😊 I would love to have a sound library with them in the style of the Eric Whitacre Choir.

    Is it to similar? I think, it would be great to work with the different solo singers.

  • VOCES8 is one of my favorite singer ensemble with a very special and unique sound. And they come from Britain. 😊 I would love to have a sound library with them in the style of the Eric Whitacre Choir.

    Is it to similar? I think, it would be great to work with the different solo singers.

  • I would add to a few others who've already said – a Spitfire-quality Saxophone library would be a dream, particularly one with interesting articulations and different register options like a baritone and tenor sax too. You can get a certain growl that could add a unique timbre to otherwise typical "orchestral" instrumentation.

  • I'm loving all the choir support, I've been looking for the perfect choir pack for a while too! I think an epic choir in the style of their epic strings/epic brass & woodwinds packs would be incredible, something akin to a Duel of the Fates sounding choir!

  • In the Originals series could we get orchestral preset switching from our keyboard keys a' la VSL Syncron please.

  • I would like to see the following:

    1) Completion of a Hans Zimmer Cinematic Orchestra to include the key addition of the HZ Brass. If done well, it could rival the top brass libraries out there because of the way he has become known for using them. I'd love to see them revamp the HZ Piano a bit more to add more body to it so that a "Time" type sound could be achieved more easily, but I digress...

    2) HZ Synths and Sound Design Tools - This could potentially be a line of synths/sound designer tools produced using some of his classic creations.

    3) I like the idea of Jazz-based tools, which I think I've seen already mentioned by others, as well as potentially other genre-based tools. This could be kept cinematic in focus but adding easy to use electric guitar, bass, or other non-traditional (but growing in popularity) instruments to their lineup could add some appeal beyond the more "classical", cinematic-based composer. eDNA Earth, Brunnel loops, Ambient Guitars, etc. are a good start into this kind of product line.

    4) Better, more complete and user friendly Solo Strings (also consider Solo Brass). I would like to seem them rival JB Violin, Tina Guo, Taylor Davis, and other highly user-friendly and high quality solo strings and solo instruments in general. I think they are missing out on opportunities to really create a classic solo library but that may not be their goal.

    5) I think Spitfire could actually make a Brunnel Loops type library combining a large amount of the sound design, synth, etc. tools they've built over time in the Albion's and other libraries into 1 collection. It would also just be easier for those of us who already own them to use them in a more central library rather than having to search all the Albion's. Maybe do this with eDNA sound packs?

    Anyway, I'm enjoying myself a bit too much thinking of ideas so I'll stop there for now.

  • I would love seeing Spitfire and Ólafur collaborating again and making an intimate strings library

  • Swiss Alphorn Libearx please !!! That would be Basics for amazing drones and soundscapes...

  • isn't that more in style with which you play though? you could make horns and stringed instruments sound funky/jazzy in the way they are composed and performed ;) Also check out Spitfire's North 7 Vintage Keys - lots of "funky" electric piano sounds reminiscent of 70s funk and jazz.

  • Possibly I'm a little beside, but my wish is a playable and well sounded Pedal-Steel Guitar... a hard work for a realtime-

    usable interface, I know.

    I have a version by Impact Soundworks and it works good with a realistic sound, but I think Spitfire can afford a worldclass instrument in this genre. And to set an example of British quality to the new world... 😉

    "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn...!

    1. Originals grand piano. Something that will get you pretty close to an orchestral grand for mockups sans felt or preparation.
    2. Grand piano update to BBCSO. If Maida Vale isn't destroyed, that'd be great to have one that blends in to the space.
    3. A composer toolkit collaboration with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross/Nine Inch Nails.
  • This is a good idea for sure! I mean they already have them. Epic Strings is just Albion 1 strings and epic brass and woodwinds is Albion 1 brass/woodwinds. Intimate strings is Albion 2, so if they just sell Albion 2 woodwinds and brass you have intimate brass and woodwinds.

  • I would love to see the Union Chapel Organ in a version that doesn't require full Kontakt. I have zero investment in that platform.