Libraries and Windows HELP

I have a few Spitfire purchases that appear to be 'duplicated' on my hard drive. They are instruments that have the same folders and appear in:


and also

C://users/public/public documents

Do they need to be duplicated like this? Notably not all of the ones that appear in the first location appear in the second. My Spitfire installer says that the download location is the first location above - so why are the huge amounts of GB and sample libraries also in the second location?


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  • I would like to know why Spitfire libraries are so low in volume out of box. I notice when you watch a walk thru video everything sounds just right. With my DAW fader at zero sounds barely hit - 10 or lower. What can be done to get these sounds up in volume?

  • @tomvinelli the idea being the low volume is that customers will be stacking many instances of our products. For instance, a full load of BBCSO would take up 52 channels, so by having a lower volume you have plenty of headroom to add additional FX Plugins.