New LABS Plugin: Version 1.4.0

As some of you will have noticed, a new plugin was released alongside Ondes Musicales. Not much to report here externally, but the noticeable change will be:

  • Fixed: LABS Drums 1.3.11. Voice choking cymbals in an unnatural way.

We are still aware of an issue with the lower velocities of the Kick cutting off the tail of the high velocity Kick, and will look to resolve this in the future.


  • Thanks, Angus, that's really nice! I've just yesterday used the updated drums and I must say, I could be wrong, but I remember their behavior to blow me away for free drums, velocities on cymbals going so far down that you could easily play the keys to make swells, just a highly responsive and complete feeling. Right now...😕's like the lowest velocity hits at 25%. Anyway, maybe when the team looks at the kick issue, they might revise one more time the whole velocity situation and try to match what it used to be like. On the upside, the "percussion" patch does have the nice velocity spread.

    Still feel funny about "complaining", because all of LABS are gorgeous gifts from you, but I hope, you're alright to find out just how much your work is loved and your intuition (first release) was/is spot on and relished! 🤗

  • Thanks @Taron I'll note that down for when I review the issue after the engineering team have had time to fix.

  • Hello! How can we get the update?

  • Hi @Aleko

    The update can be installed by either installing a new LABS product, or repairing a LABS library. In your plugin, you should see the version number in the bottom right.