Logic Pro Articulation vs Originals Presets

What's the "correct" way to use Logic's articulation sets with plugins like Originals Intimate Strings where the articulations are presented as presets.

For BBCSO and other plugins which have articulation within the plugin it's easy and well documented, but for ones like LABS and Originals where articulations are presets I can't find a good answer; key-switching doesn't seem to work.

My current setup works, but seems overly complex. What I currently do is 1. have an articulation set which changes the midi channel of the notes 2. create a track for each instrument/articulation (each with a suitably configured plugin) 3. in the midi environment (mixer view) create a new "midi instrument" and a channel splitter for each "actual" instrument 4. set the midi instrument to "all channels", plug the instrument into the channel splitter, and each channel into the appropriate track 5. drag the midi instrument into the main view to create a track for it.

Then you just put your midi regions into the midi instrument track and leave the ones with the plugin instances on empty. Simples :)

For a bonus you can create another midi instrument for each "actual" instrument, plumb it into the same channel splitter (or use "Track -> Other -> Track with same channel") and have two places to put regions e.g. put notes in one and record modulation/expression in the other - allowing you to use replace mode to easily re-record dynamics without affecting the notes.

This seems more complex than it needs to be; though does allow for very flexible mixing.

Is there a simpler solution?

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  • Awesome, thanks for the info; at least I’m not missing anything. What I have then, whilst complex to setup, is probably the best of both worlds. I can use articulation sets, write in terms of complete lines on a score, but use separate plug-in instances to give me the maximum flexibility in terms of mixing.