Occulta Summa (Discovery+Labs)

There are so many talented artists here, musicians at heart, who feel the desire to make music, but life didn't seem to have suggested the option to really pursue it. I can feel their fire and their joy. While I have never regretted my decision to follow a different part of my calling, I still sympathize, for if this was a different world, I might've tried to make music the center of my own life.

Only while I was working on this composition, I realized what I was channeling. This one is for you!


  • Today was a nightmare for me. I am a student and also working part time on a design project.

    After a crazy day, it was so nice to come and find your post and listen.

    Such a beautiful beginning which was light and peaceful, then to build into the piece that it did!

    Thank you for sharing this, looking forward to hearing more!

  • This is magnificent, to me it's a masterpiece, you've used your emotions to create a really captivating atmosphere, I understand, I can't explain but I'll make a nice one back to you and talk with music

  • Thank you, guys, what a wonderful morning you're lifting me into to! 🤗

    Jase, sorry to hear about your exhausting day. When pressure gets to you, don't forget to lean back and take a deep breath every now and then to allow yourself to know that you are choosing this, meaning that you are in charge of all that you do. Keep your eyes on the task and not on consequences, because the best results only ever come from the best effort put into the task. But, oh, do I know what it's like, tsssss... took me almost a decade to shake off the madness of working on projects for clients and find back to myself. 😖

    Jason, looking forward to your musical reply!!! 😃