Default Reverb, Tightness, Release and Vibrato values in AROne?

I am running the which I assume is the latest version of AROne Orchestral Foundations (The plugin states it is 1.0.10) and while starting on a new template I noticed that when loading the plugin the default values are set as follows:

Reverb: 40%, Release: 0%, Tightness 50%, Vibrato (when available): 0%

These are likely not the default values intended as a starting point for the patches.

I've never created any User presents. It is not DAW related as it comes out the same way regardless of DAW or even if I load the plugin in VE Pro. Tried using Repair in the Spitfire App but it did not change anything.

Just wanted to ask a question here if anyone else has the same issue? If not, just out of interest - what are the default values?

Thank you kindly.

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  • Thank you very much for your reply Jack. It was indeed the release that alerted me to something being wrong when I load up a track with Abbey Road One.

    I also noticed that 1.0.11 should be the latest release but the Spitfire App does not report that any updated are found and my plugin says 1.0.10. Thought that it was just a visual issue and that the plugin really is 1.0.11. Using Repair in the app did not update or change anything either.

    I will just sit tight then and wait for the next version, hopefully it will fix it. Thanks again!

  • I noticed the same thing. It’s a shame that so many folks won’t hear the actual room sound. I suggest turning the reverb off and the release all the way up. Only use the reverb if you don’t like the Abby sound or want to alter it to something bigger or tighter.