Cinematic Percussion: Persistent Pops & Clicks in Reaper

Has anyone else had consistent issues getting pops, clicks, and latency with this plugin? Any proposed fixes? I can't seem to get rid of it no matter how I set my buffer size. It's the only instrument plugin I own that does this. I imagine it may be related to the fact it is an older, bridged plugin. I want to get it to work since it sounds so great but this is kind of ridiculous.

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  • Hi Mally, I know you've probably already thought about this, would it be a hardware issue and not a software? The reason I say this is because my pc shouldn't be able to run Albion One, if I run too many instruments together it does a shunt crack, my pc fan goes a hundred miles an hour then all the sound cuts off then starts back up crunching, if it isn't a hardware problem, I've found with any plugin I use, I use alot of free ones, they all crack and pop at the beginning, it's a universal problem with sound, try a fade in, even if it's a split second, I don't know what else I can advise you because I'm not a seasoned user like most of the artists on here :-)

  • I’ve been using Cinematic Percussion in Reaper for 6 months and not encountered this issue on either of my PCs. It does sound like an issue with a RAM or CPU bottleneck to me. Does the issue occur when you load up a blank template in Reaper and only load in one instance of Cinematic Percussion?

  • Hey guys, I think it makes sense to think it might be a hardware issue, but it is the only Spitfire plugin I own that does this (only plugin in general actually). I have a pretty nice EVGA gaming laptop with a good amount of ram.

    @Rabbit, It does occur with only one instance of the plugin in a fresh template. Two instances of the plugin has actually crashed my DAW before.

    I think it's related to the plugin being bridged from 32bit to 64bit, but that's just a guess. It's the only plugin I use that is like that.

    I can do a test tonight of how much CPU it's using compared to other plugins. But if even if the answer is that it uses a lot more CPU, I'm still a bit baffled as to why that would be the case.

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  • I’d probably try the generic stuff - try it in another DAW if possible, then reinstall the plugin etc. Sounds like it might be something annoyingly specific to your setup otherwise so best to open a ticket with Spitfire. They’ll get it working!

  • Thanks! I'll try opening a ticket for sure.

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