Multi instrument groups in Cubase (eg for some LABS instruments)

Hi to all!

I'm setting up a Cubase (11 Pro) template and many of my instruments are Spitfire's, like Abbey Road One. I had no problem configuring ARO instruments with Expression Maps that allow me to change articulations with key switches.

I'm having a bit of a headache with some of LABS instruments. Take Trumpet Fields. It is composed of 14 different instruments that, to me, really sound like different articulations. I'd like to set them up in a way that I can write my part in a single MIDI event, but then use keyswitches (and hence Expression maps) to play some notes with "Trumpet Field Coast is Clear", another with "Trumpet Field Double tonguing" and so on, just like if the tracks where different articulations of the same instrument.

How would you accomplish this? Trumpet Fields is only an example, there are multiple instruments in LABS that are split but clearly belong to the same instrument. Thanks!