BBCSO Core - technique selector is off bottom of window and no scrollbar

Hi, just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this!

I'm on windows 10, 16GB ram, 500GB memory - installed BBCSO Core and it works great...but the technique selector runs just off the bottom of the window, so I can't select any of them below the first line (the bottom of the window is by the "reset on transport" text on the right) - and I cannot scroll down. I've gone into settings and changed the size of the interface but to no avail.

So basically this is what it looks like and I can't find any way to access the lower part of the interface! Halp!

Any idea what could be causing this - I used it on a different pc with the same specs and didn't have this problem. Thanks!

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  • Sorted - thanks Angus I'd never have thought of that - turns out the display was set at 125%

    I'm back in business!