Is there a way to combine 2 articulations with key swithes?

I am using a combination of longs and staccatissimo I can combine them in the BBCSO app using the shift key but if I put both articulations in the midi piano roll it chooses only one. Is it possible to combine the key switches?

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  • Angus
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    Hi @Doc Bob

    You should be able to select two articulations at the same time using shift + click as you mention.

    Unfortunately, selecting more than one articulation via Keyswitching is not yet a feature, but our team are aware of this request already.

  • Dann
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    You can do this already if you set your articulation trigger to MIDI channel and set a different MIDI channel for each articulation. Then stack 2 notes on top of each other each with the articulations you want to happen at the same time. I only use MIDI channels for articulation changes, no more clumsy keyswitching.


  • Anyone have an idea?

  • Taron
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    Well, if nobody reacts, chances are that your post may have to act as inspiration for SA. 🤓👍️

    Since their plugin is open to do anything it wishes with incoming Midi data, they could implement solutions for that in any possible way. Be that based on two keyswitches at the exact same time, or at some given time-interval threshold (possibly parametric), the plugin could be written to stack articulations, either with no limit (any number of articulations could get stacked) or possibly some sensible combinations (stac/long, trem/sus, whatever made any sense). Certainly this could get dicey, because of memory usage and/or other performance related challenges.

    Hmmm, imagine, if it could use the velocity of keyswitches to control expression of that articulation or as parameter value that could be routed (lowpass, vibrato, anything really)? Uhhh... that could be exciting for stacking.

    So, if anything, you may have brought up a great inspiration for some future improvements!? 😃

  • Doc Bob
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    OK. The workaround is to keep combo articulations on separate tracks. Hopefully there’ll be a keyswitch fix in time.

    Thanks for the replies😀

  • I'll add my vote for the ability to have 'two articulations at the same time' being switched on at the same time, without having to use the computer keyboard and Shift to do so.

    Maybe..being able to have a 'user preset' of your chosen 'duo articulation'?

    Being able to assing your own MIDI control or keyswitch to the new duo-articulation?

    That would be very handy!

    (Amazing product by the way)

  • July 2022, I posted in FB and it seems this is still not implemented? Any updates? I use multi keyswitches in Albion. Would like to be able to in BBCSO.