Jase Ess - 'Quism'

Jase Ess
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Greetings Spitfire Audio!

After much internal debate, I have decided to share one of my songs with this forum with the hopes of getting some constructive feedback.

I have used several Spitfire libraries including Stratus, BBC SO Pro, Symphonic Motions, Abbey Road and Earth DNA plus others, to create a composition that would sit in the 'Classical Crossover' genre.

This is 'Quism'

Thank you for listening!


  • Oh, man... has nobody given you any feedback, yet? Not even me? I'm so sorry, Jase! I could've sworn I did.

    Now that I listen to it again, I remember why I wasn't. I didn't quite know how to tell you my first impression. Thing is, it is jam packed with gorgeous sounds, which feel like carrying the tune with their quality, like a beautiful score would carry a movie, not so much for its musical merits, but its "effect", if that makes any sense at all? Like, I couldn't tell you, if the music was beautiful, because for the most part the sounds are just beautiful. In terms of harmonies and progressions, it's quite nice with gentle pushes into hints of uniqueness, but mostly anonymous, somehow. It is a bit like watching a scene of a mother, singing a lullaby to her infant child, streaming tragic memories and fears about the future, while none of their faces are even shown. Like a shadow play.

    It's definitely beautiful and soothing, but- and I may be picking the wrong word here- somehow "editorial" or accommodating. If someone's reaction is (and it probably will be like it is for me): "Wow", this "wow" will be directed at the quality of the sounds with a side note of the pleasant composition that never stands in the way of showcasing them.

    Oh, and I like the idea with the gramophone video, hehe, clever! 😀

    Well, the big question would be, if any of what I wrote up there was adequate, when would the above be a problem or is there a problem to begin with and how does one bring more focus to the music itself instead?

    I guess, you may have to pick a clear lane and stick to it as much as needed. Do you create "ambient" music? Yes, then it's very near perfection, except that every now and then it injects some sort of story beat, but ever so loosely, like a faint distraction and then you let it slide off into the backdrop again.

    Is it a story you wish to tell? Well, then it's probably helpful to create several memorable moments. Even after listening to it twice, all I have in my head remain the gorgeous strings, caressing a friendly, mildly ominous, looping chord progression with one occasional switch, but I couldn't quite tell you if that's true, because.... I just can't remember it. While I know there is some mild arc in it.

    All in all, don't get me wrong, it's a really, really pleasant listen, a beautiful moment and wonderful musical touches. It does make me curious about additional styles you may produce, I'd love to hear more from you!

    And I do wish there was a little more interaction here on this forum, because it seems like such a nice place and Spitfire should have attracted so many serious musicians that would make me believe they must have valuable feedback to give to each other. Instead, it sort of feels like I'm almost alone in daring to do so since I've joined, and I can't even tell if it's "valuable", haha... ☺️ ...but you get one voice! Are artists afraid of "agenda"? Hmmm...maybe I make some general post out of these thoughts? (risky proposition)

    Back to you: More, please! 😃

  • @Taron - thank you. Truly. I really appreciate your time, honest feedback and the eloquent way you posed your thoughts.

    I must admit, I was hesitant to post here. I had posted music previously to the Spitfire Audio page on Facebook where that song was demolished. It hurt but it was also valid feedback. I was truly nervous posting here, as this is a place of my peers and I hold a high level of respect for composers and those who create music. We pour our heart and souls into creating something which we hope 'hits the mark' or is 'accepted' by those who matter.

    Your feedback is exactly what I was looking for and I am grateful you replied.

    You are right, the song is probably more of an ambient journey and I think 'journey' is the key word here. While I have created other songs which are more musically structured, this one came out from playing with Stratus and might not be like some others I have created like an orchestral/hip hop infusion, to a cheeky play between piano and strings.

    For me, I create music that I love and am not worried about fame, sales or an agenda. I am not here to compete with those who are more musically knowledgable - I just want to be able to positively touch one person with music and if I achieve that, then its all worth it.

    Thank you again my friend. You have made the start of my day and I am looking forward to listening to more amazing music from talented people like yourself and the Spitfire Audio community.

    Together, we are one.

  • Ah, what a breath of fresh air your attitude and motivation is, Jase, wonderful! Thing is, in all forms of creation we can feel what went into them, it gets captured inside. That's in fact the real beauty of it, all the echos of challenges, all the care, joy and curiosity, what drives us even ominous emotional details. Your music captures where you are at and that you dive into wonders with real excitement for certain aspects.

    Thing is, on this earth we're all still infants, trying to resonate for each other in hopes of finding harmony. But in reality we can only do so by being ourselves in complete sincerity and hardly anyone is bold enough to do so, yet. And that's not a fault, but merely the state of where we're at right now. Nothing makes this more obvious than art in any form, whether its visual or musical or any form of creativity. Point is to embrace this process, and whether it goes wrong or right is measured by how much you've managed to let yourself go and do it with all your heart and mind. Sharing this journey is the exact kind of bravery we need and the only way we can ever hope to achieve harmony, regardless the walls we may run into at times.

    I love it, just as much as I appreciate the stumbles along the way. They can teach us about muscles of ours that we may not even had known about before, haha, as we try to catch our fall. But, yeah... hold on to your courage, you have found your landscape and now it's about carving your path into it. Just always be aware of where it will lead you to and that you wish to be there where you will "arrive", so to say!