Albion v Abbey Road


Can I ask for your advice please. I compose light classical music. I already have Core and Chamber Strings. For sketching and "filling in empty space", which of the above would fit best with what I have got please? Thanks.


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    My initial guess would be Abbey Road One, if the Albion you're considering is Albion One - as far as I can tell, the latter is built for more of an epic sound. However, you may find that Albion Neo is a much better fit thematically for the type of music you're doing. Definitely check it out!

    Spitfire Audio — Albion NEO

  • Hi @Glynn

    Have a look at this video, which compares Albion ONE, Abbey Road Orchestral Foundations, and BBC SO. It should hopefully give you an idea of the difference in sound each one provides. Both Albion ONE and Abbey Road are 'ensemble' libraries, so they should both be useful in coming up with quick sketches.

  • You want Abbey Road or BBC. Albion is powerful, and plays more like a synth to me. I mostly think in instrument combinations in Albion. In a way, Abbey Road feels like Albion, though more "traditional"? I lack a better word. It's just less fantastical than Albion. BBC is far more focused on the individual instruments.

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    If you click the word 'this' in my previous post it should be hyperlinked to the video, but just in case there are any issues you can also have a look here: