Do I need to upgrade my CPU?

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So right now I have this:

  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz  3.50 GH

Should I upgrade it? What do you recommend? I mainly use BBC Pro, so I need something that can handle it but not so expensive.

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  • Hi @Francisco

    This totally depends on:

    • How many microphones you wish to use
    • Whether you have experienced dropouts/ audio glitches

    If BBC SO runs fine on your current setup without any issues, then I would say it is not really worth the investment at this time. However, if you do experience issues, then upgrading to a 16 thread chip (i9) would probably be wise.

  • Francisco, I was wondering how much RAM you have too.

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  • my computer is an Intel Xeon E5 2650 V3

    16gb ram ecc

    500 gb nvme

    for now it's working well, but my projects don't have many vsts. Normally, my projects are no more than 30 tracks

  • Edward
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    funny lurking around here and seeing these monster machines people have - how have I made do with the diminutive little 7 yo laptop I've been using? (lenovo T420S) i5 (3rd gen)2.5 or so and 16gb ram and solid state drives. Reaper with generally Kontakt 6 and Spaces. But also Reaktor 6 and SFZ.

    I had been routinely running many many tracks (at 24/48) with many many instances of Kontakt and didn't get glitches or dropouts.

    I have a new machine as of a few weeks ago. Apparently it's also quite modest. i5 6th gen 2.5 32gb and a 2TB NVME which streams at better than 4X the speed of my previous SSD

    I have SCO strings and Orchestral Swarms which both load instantly and function flawlessly. Some Kontakt instruments from other vendors take QUITE a bit longer. Not clear on why.

    I suspect but am not sure that those who experience much in the way of dropouts are running other disk intensive apps in the background (like backups)

    Maybe it's because I don't do much else with my machine but music? I do uninstall Onedrive and other such twaddle...