Load sound sources from other spitfire libraries into eDNA Earth

It is possible to load sound sources from other Spitfire libraries you own into eDNA Earth?

I did manage to include single samples from other Spitfire libraries using the edit mode but I was wondering if it is possible to load into one of the bays a sound source, say, from Albion ONE.

Thanks in advance

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  • paopis
    Answer ✓

    OK, I have solved it.. sorry for spamming.

    In case anyone wonders, this is what I have done:

    1) Open the library you want to get the sound source from in edit mode (Kontakt full);

    2) Select the menu "Group Editor";

    3) Select the group you want to copy in eDNA Earth;

    4) Select the sub-menu "Edit";

    5) Copy selected group(s);

    6) Go to the eDNA Earth library;

    7) Select the menu "Group Editor";

    8) Select the sub-menu "Edit";

    9) Paste group(s) with samples