Albion one where shall i go

Hi all, ty for the SA community and these great product Albion one. O love many aspects of this libary. Strings, some brass and woidwinds Darwin and easter Island hits. Although i might scratched the surface of a1 i think I need to extend it. I bought a1, solo strings, ao plugin during the summer sale, so i have a good arsenal and i have some solo and legati from eastwest. As ew ist very hungry i only use ew to fill the gaps in my register.

Thank you if you still reading and here my discussion point.

What would you recommend to add to a1 if you want replace the ew opus stuff.

Ty for your opiniones. Cheers Daniel


  • If you’re running into resource issues (memory/cpu) with EW Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition, perhaps you should think of investing in a PC upgrade/replacement.

    Replacing EW Hollywood Orch Opus Edition, would be a shame. It is pretty awsome.

    If you’re doing serious composition (large templates), I’d suggest 64 - 128GB Ram and a CPU with 10 or more cores.

    a minimum config would be a 6-8 core cpu and 16-32 GB ram.

    OS drive: nvme SSD with 512GB or more

    Data drive (samples, DAW data,..) 1-4TB sata ssd.

    As for addition to Albion…

    Albion being a Cinematic Orchestral library, having a normal Orchestral library is a good idea, which you already have with EW Opus. A good choir library may be something to look out for. There are many great sounding choir libs out there but, the question is which one offers the best features and sound. SA, 8dio, EW, Sound Iron, Fluffy Audio, to name a few, who have one or more choir libraries in their inventory.

  • Hi Daniel, how you doing mate!

    In Albion One them pads go extremely well with the track, I have to be careful because I always end up making space music lol, because the pads are that gorgeous especially if you slowly fade a drone in and out to keep it interesting, strings seem to connect well, but with the wood winds, when you solo the sound, take a breath as if your about to play the instrument, I've never blown into a woodwind instrument so take what I say with a pinch of salt, blow when your bar is activated and when you become out of breath, cut it or a little before to simulate that somebody is playing, the strings will carry the sound until the woodwind player gets his breath back, which will add the element of humanity into the equation.

    I've discovered if you use a choir and add the Easter Island percussion at the end of the choir, it makes it sound so deep and the impact sounds incredible, I've not really released any music to give you any examples.

    I have some really good advice for you though, listen to Christian, even if he uses a different daw, I think he uses logic but I'm not quite sure, watch his videos because he has some absolute core advice on instruments I think the video is hours long, but it's worth it, get some popcorn and watch that man because you are watching core advice anybody could recieve.

    As for the computer specifications, I'm the worst person to ask, I genuinely believe my Albion one and Cubase DAW is worth more than my pc 😂

    I have to be careful when I run them programs because it cuts off when I go over the top, it is on the agenda to invest in my pc, but christmas is around the corner and my little ones come first :-)

    I hope what I've said is of any help to you.

    Take care brother :-)