Mac M1 Experiences

The M1 Macs seems to be way more powerful than the old MacBooks of a similar price point.

I’m planning on trading in my 2017 13” MBP to get one. Anyone made a similar move?


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    I didn't make a similar move, I bought a new M1 Mac and then BBC Orchestra and had a lot of trouble getting it to work in Logic. You have to use the beta version, the release version doesn't work with the M1s.

    Make sure your software is compatible with M1. Here's the link:

    I still get errors and have a difficult time choosing banks even after downloading the beta and closely following the instructions to install. I still cannot access the library directly from the library tab, I have to bring up the instrument and then page through hundreds of instruments to get to the one I want. It's a HUGE hassle.

    I would wait until their software is fully supported and out of beta unless you enjoy spending hours figuring out work arounds.

  • Hi.

    My take is a little different. I recently moved from a 2010 Mac Pro to a 2021 Mac Mini M1 16Gb. I was finding Logic 10.4.5 a bit limiting and slow and decided to bite the bullet. I have a bunch of Spitfire libraries--BBCSO, some Originals, LABS, a few oddities--and the usual array of plug-ins, effects, synths, etc. and work mostly for myself as an indie composer/scorer.

    Specifically just talking about the Spitfire libraries, my experience has been bad to good. The bad was failing to realize the difference between "Universal" and "Intel"--you really do want to be running Logic in "Universal" (native M1 mode) and the best way I found to do that is to install your Spitfire libraries from scratch, don't simply carry over your old stuff. Maybe overkill but it worked for me. Next you follow the compatibility page for each of the libraries: stuff like LABS is a breeze, the Originals pretty straight forward, BBCSO more of a pain; but it is all up and going and, apart from an annoying BBCSO bug (documented), works as advertised.

    A quick tip: I am only using this on a Mac using Logic so I only need to concern myself with the AU plugins, and thus don't have to go through the install/reinstall/validate loop for the VST/VST3/AAX plugins. Using another DAW may mean more of those validations.

    Another tip: If you are going down this road, and plan on using an orchestra like BBCSO, then you'll want to get the 16Gb version. I currently have the "Template 2" loaded up and it works great (once I did the bug workaround sigh) but it does chew 12Gb of memory, and that is without effects or additional instruments. Bottom line: more memory is better but this is doable (I've just dropped a video track ("Stargirl" comp) on there and it is seamless and fast).

    Personally I am very positive about the new platform, and it gives me about an order of magnitude more grunt than my old Mac Pro (not a complete slouch either). There are still a few software fails--Waves is a no-show for the moment--others though are fine through Rosetta (like the Arturia stuff), and Kontact works well.

    Hope this helps

  • Mark5009 - thanks so much for your post, it was right on the money is describing my situation. You've saved me a lot of time chasing and trying to fix something that's not M1 ready yet. Cheers.

  • mi scuso se scrivo nella mia lingua che è l'italiano, spero qualcuno mi comprenda. sto trovando molte difficoltà con le originals (beta): il mio sistema è un nuovo iMac M1 (Logic Pro x 10.6); finché lavoro con le LABS tutto fila liscio, e anche con epic strings (unica originals compatibile): una cannonata! ma con le altre, che sono tutte beta, non c'è verso. non mi spiego perché epic strings sia stata resa compatibile, e le altre no. hope news arrive soon about it ...


  • Can you explain in a little more detail and how to go about the "Compatibility Mode" you're referring to? What and how do you mean when you talk about loading the spitfire from scratch? My biggest problem is that I have notes hanging over when they shouldn't be and I have to go to the end of the piece and start the track to get them to stop. They don't do it all the time, but sometimes and I'm using the MacBook Pro with the M1 chip with 16 mgb. I'm trying to use the $49 BBS as well. Please email me a response to [email protected] and thanks so much in advance.


    P.S. I would love to also hear how you're going about getting indie jobs, I would love to be able to do that.

  • I was just going to ask a question about my upcoming migration to an M1.

    I have a 2018 mac mini that sticks its tongue out on sessions incorporating 50-100 tracks mostly on BBCO core/pro and Appassionata. it manages all the same, especially thanks to its 32 go of ram, but takes time to give me the hand when I change certain parameters. (installation of libraries on an external SSD connected directly to the mac and not to a dock).

    Of course, my dream would have been to go directly to a magnificent 14-inch M1, but the reality is rather different: I will try to limit the financial haemorrhage...

    So an M1 (possibly reconditioned), MB pro or MB air, 13 inches.

    The question is whether I can afford to stay on an 8 GB ram configuration or necessarily 16.

    another limitation seems to me: need to connect the SSD containing the libraries directly to the only thunderbold/usbc socket available on these generations of mac (what stupid stupidity to build machines with so few outputs...)

    In short, I'm torn between the need for savings and the desire to have a nice configuration. So what is your feedback with a simple entry-level M1, 8gb/256gb? (freeze, slowdown, crash or not)... Is it a good idea to stay on this limitation or do I have to break the bank? (I already have an idea of ​​your answers...)

    Not to mention the installation glitches that I imagine in advance by migrating to the M1 architecture, with my other plugins, the Iloks, the updates... In short, you understand the confusion!

    (and sorry for my somewhat haphazard English. I use a mix of translations but I have a French mind... (not even afraid to say it on an English forum haha))))

    Good day and friendship from Paris

  • I raise. Do you have any advice or feedback?