How to change microphone mix of every instrument at once?

I can't seem to find a simple way to do this; I thought the "copy settings to all spitfire products" menu item might be it but no dice.

Is there an easier way to adjust the mix of every instance of BBCSO Pro at once so that they're all in sync? For instance if I write a piece with 20 tracks and want to audition everything with the mono mic, or mix 2, or some other arbitrary set of mic positions.

I'm using Logic Pro X and at first I would go to every instance and change them all manually one by one. Then I decided to remap some faders on my keyboard to the corresponding MIDI CC values for the microphones, move everything into record ready, and start fiddling with the slider.

Seems like I might be missing something but I haven't found an answer to this in the manual or the forum so far.

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    HI @alexkane and @Jase Ess

    This is currently not a feature of the plugin, though I have passed this feedback onto the team previously. The quickest way to flip specific mic presets is to save the presets you have created as a user preset. You will have to change this on every instance, but it will save you time individually changing each mic.


  • This is a great question.

    I have been manually going through and changing all these settings to match where required unless I want a leader to stand out or have other elements slide into the background.

    It's possible @Angus may have an answer for this, however I suspect given each instance of the VST is standalone, it might not be possible. Or SA might have something up their sleeve for future releases? Fingers crossed!