Epic Strings: No Sound Every Time I Open Cubase Project

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Whenever I load up my Cubase Pro 11 Project the Epic Strings track is permanently messed up. There's no audio at all and even the little virtual keyboard doesn't produce any sound.

IF I go to the drop-down at the top and select one of the presets, it fixes it but I lose my Mixer and Volume/Dynamics settings and have to re-input them every time!

Saving my mixer preset does not help. If I have working strings and I try to load a previous mixer preset, it will brick the working strings and no sound comes out again.

I literally have no choice but to either never close Cubase or to redo all my settings for Epic Strings for each Epic Strings track every time.

This is ridiculous you guys, I paid for these. LABS has issues with having to repair/re-download the files every once in a while but nothing like this. The free stuff from LABS actually works way better and is way more reliable. This sucks, I don't even want strings on this track anymore because it's such a pain to get them to work. I've already reinstalled everything brand new and it didn't solve this problem at all and I've tried on MacOS and Windows. You need to fix this.

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    @sagebrushfireHi @sagebrushfire

    Sorry about your experience so far. This sounds like an issue that might be specific to your system, so it would be good for a member of our team to investigate with your directly. I've created a ticket for you, so we'll be in touch very soon.