Spitfire Audio with same account on multiple Macs

Hello...I'm customer of yours with a lot of products, and I'm wondering how I can use them on my two (2) Macs (iMac intel and mac mini M1) at the same time with the same account? Even that I installed on the M1 products not running on it (yet) and I'm unable to uninstall on M1 and re-install on intel ... So I bought products I'm not able to use them....thanks a lot in advance for your help. Kind regards...Stephan


  • Hi @stephanbergmann

    You can use Spitfire libraries on two machines. Copy the library to your second machine and use the "repair" and "relocate library" features in the Spitfire app.

    Hope that helps



  • Thanx...will try and get back!!

    Greez, Stephan

  • @stephanbergmann as @Steve Shaw mentions above, you have two installations for each library license. In the case of needing to use the plugins on an Intel and M1 machine, you will need to install the library to a specific location for each device (e.g. on each devices internal drive, or on two external SSD drives- the latter being my recommendation).