Chamber Strings Instrument Ranges

Just bought the Chamber Strings Pro library, which I'm planning to use both in Cubase and Dorico. I have almost finished a work for chamber orchestra and oboe (in Dorico), and I was eager to apply the true sound of a chamber ensemble to it. However: it turns out the the Chamber Strings has limited playing range on the instruments compared to real instruments. F ex the basses go down only to G#2 whilst a real instrument go down to at least E2, some to C2. Have I misunderstood this or is this a de facto limitation? If so, it renders the Chamber Strings pretty useless for composition work. Can anyone shed some light?


  • What patch are you loading that only goes to G#2? All the basses in Chamber Strings were recorded with a low C extension, and so (other than a few fx-type patches) should be going down to C1. Just pulled up my copy to confirm.

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    I've created a ticket for you so one of our team members can investigate.

  • BendicoE
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    I'm very sorry to have bothered you with this. I restarted my host (Cubase) and reloaded all the patches. I also checked my MIDI keyboard (Komplete Kontrol S88) and made sure it wasn't set up with some strange zones or something. And the range is now perfect for all instruments😃. I don't know for sure what could have caused the problem, it might have been a patch loading issue in Cubase. Again, I'm sorry if I have confused anyone with this. I hope I have learned my lesson now, to always check my gear thoroughly before going to the forums.

    And many thanks to Spitfire for creating this library, it sounds amazing!

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    I just found out what was the problem: It was the expression maps in Cubase, which I got from here. They started on C-1 and went all the way up to G0, i.e. overlapping the playing range of the double bass🙄 Once I mapped the expression map from G6 and up (above the harmonics articulations range), the full playing range is available (now also in my BBCSO Cubase template). Hope this can help someone using expression maps in Cubase with BBCSO and Chamber Strings.