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How can I integrate the Spitfire plug-ins into Propellerhead's Reason DAW ?


  • Hello, it will just be added as any VST, just make sure the directory path where you install it is properly detected by Reason (if you already have any other vst installed and they show up in Reason you should be fine)

    Hope it helps

  • Add the libs to Reason:

    1. Click the Reason menu.
    2. Click Preferences.
    3. Click Advanced.
    4. Under “VST Plugin Folders”, make sure you can see the path to where you keep your SA stuff. (If you don’t see it; click “add” and point to the correct folder.

    Add instruments:

    1a. In the browser, choose instrument and scroll down until you see your VSTs.


    1b. In the sequencer; click “+ add track”, choose “instruments” and choose what you want to add.

    (all SA stuff will be found in one of two folders in Reason: “Spitfire Audio” or “SA Recordings” depending on what lib you’re trying to load.)

    This goes for the libs who comes in Spitfire Audio’s own app.

    If you want to add one of the other libraries you need the full version of Kontakt. You then do the same as above but instead of selecting an instance of a SA product you select Kontakt, and then load the SA lib from there.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for getting me this far. I can see the VST plugin in the browser, but once I load there is nothing in it.

  • Hi @ClausN it appears you're experiencing an error as indicated by the red exclamation mark in the top left corner of the plugin window. If you click on the exclamation mark, what is the error that appears?

    There should be an option that says "lets fix it" in the error message which will take you to a support article on how to resolve it. I'll also keep an eye on this thread in case the steps on the support page don't do the trick.

  • Hi @ClausN . Make sure your VST plugin folders are correcly configured, and that you installed Spitfire plugins in that folder. For Windows the default is C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins. Check the Preferences - Advanced windows in Reason.