Another Way to Download Libraries

Hey guys!

I recently purchased the "BBC SO Pro" and am having problems downloading from the Spitfire Audio App.

If I leave "Cloudfront CDN" option enabled in the settings menu, the program freezes after 3~5 minutes of download. If I leave it disabled, the download speed drops a lot, reaching only 2.0 Mbps. I've tried to disable the antivirus and use VPN, but with no success.

Is there any other place I can download the files to my hard drive and use the program's "Locate" function?

Thank you very much for your attention!


  • Hi @Alvaro_Cesar

    There is no other means of installing libraries, unless a hard drive is ordered. In the case of Spitfire Plugin products, these still require App Authentication. I've created a ticket for you so that one of our agents can assist.

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