Spitfire Kontakt Libraries Broken - Workaround Endeavor

We could be an isolated group specific to a scenario, but I've read several others on Facebook with the same issue as I am having:

Kontakt 6.6 is currently not saving my 3rd Party library instances, including Spitfire's libraries. As an example, if I load up a track, add Symphonic Strings Violin 1, and select some microphone settings and slider settings, save, and reload, those settings are completely gone.

If I remove VST3 version and use VST2, the entire library is gone from the track, so starting from scratch as well.

I'm hoping someone has an idea of how to post Kontakt 6.5, or a previous version, that will work with Spitfire libraries so our money has not been wasted, and we can try to continue to work on projects once more.

A long term option, in the case nobody supports this issue, is having to start from scratch completely, and needing to add CC lanes for every single tweak in the GUI you make.


  • As an example, I loaded a project file I haven't worked on in several months, and the settings are wiped out when using VST3 of Kontakt.

    When using VST2 by force (the project initially used VST3), none of the libraries are loaded into Kontakt, and have to start from scratch.

    I'm not sure I can pull up any existing project I have, without losing massive amounts of tweaks in Kontakt.

  • It doesn't seem that projects that used Kontakt 6.6 are backwards compatible with 6.5, as my Kontakt instances come up blanks.

    So there's three options...

    1.) Wait, possibly months or longer, for a fix that may not get your settings back at all

    2.) Keep 6.6 and go back to every single track, and automate every slider so upon playback it resets to where you want it

    3.) Force VST2 or 6.5 by removing 6.6/VST3, wind up with blank Kontakt instances, find every sample library you used, and re-adjust all your sliders without automation

  • I really hope Spitfire is harassing Kontakt about a solution, since many of us have spent upwards of probably $10k on their products.