BBCSO Discovery (Day 1 - 2)

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The day before yesterday I finally got my copy of BBCSO Discovery and I'm over the moon, really. I know it has strong limitations and all, but with a little bit of TLC it's really amazingly beautiful to sketch with. Makes me dream of more, that's for sure.

Now, here's my first (and second) day of exploring with it. It's not really a piece of complete music, but rather a quick journey of discovery. I know very little about proper orchestration, picking up hints here and there, but most of you will likely figure this out quickly. Anyway, here it goes:

It's been a bit tricky to suggest something like legatos, but with a little bit of hiding in the trees, hehe, it doesn't sound half-bad to me.

I'm always happy about feedback, especially, if you notice some bad decisions of mine or anything that's obvious to you, but most probably totally unknown to me (haha, DOH!).

No matter what: Spitfire, I love you guys, this thing is a total treasure, I've never had that much fun to just compose away, arrange away and go nuts without any technical worries. I filled up my tracks with all the instances of your plugin I wanted, made heavy use of the key-switches, which are brilliant and my computer never broke a sweat. ...but I did, too much joy! πŸ˜…


  • Alright, I'll make this thread my little Discovery Xperiments thread, continuing with this silly ditty:

    I was just goofing around and then somehow started liking it enough to render it out. Almost all BBCSO Discovery, except for one of the String Shorts, which I just wanted to sound different so I took LABS Strings 1 Shorts. Anyway, not like it matters much... Let's cringe a little about them drums! 😁

  • I keep calling it "Discovery" for some funny reason, while it is called "Discover". Sometimes...πŸ€ͺ

    Anyway, I'll clean that up where I can, hehe!☺️

  • That was wonderful, for some reason it sounded spooky but intriguing at the same time, I really do get a Halloween vibe off this one, you really are doing a fantastic job with your music and I enjoy listening to what you make, keep up the good work you incredible man! :-)

  • Also don't worry about calling it discovery, because I think I've called it that before, it is such a remarkable plugin, I've not had chance to really take advantage of its potential like you have.

    I'll have to have a go at making a track, I need to lay out my DAW first, because like Christian said in one of his videos, it's best to stay tidy and use what you have rather than looking for a sound what's out there to fit the scene, so I think I'll spend some time doing that, I think the main reason why I haven't done it because it might take longer to load up with me having an old pc haha, I'll see what I can do, but yes keep up the good work brother

  • Thanks, Jason! πŸ€—

    One of the things I absolutely love about Discover is that it's so light-weight. It's quick to load, no hesitation to load up the entire ensemble and the consistent key-switches, all of this makes it so worry-free to have at a whole orchestra.

    Sure, it's really extremely basic, but I'd like to think it's very well thought through. However, you'll have to be a bit adventurous and ready for compromises. But if you let the features inspire you and work with what it offers, maybe pepper a little of LABS into it, it's a total riot to play with.

    Another curious upside of its downside (limitations) is that you soon know every instrument and articulation by heart for what it can or cannot do. As a result you can almost compose in your head at some point, far away from the computer and then return to it to lay it down rapidly without having to "search" for anything, hehe. Oddly neat! 😎

    Oh, and, yeah, it's really a little Halloweenish, hehehe, funny. Maybe I'll make a dedicated Halloween track with Discover?! But that would BEG for LABS, too, of course! πŸ˜†

  • Hi @Taron

    Thanks so much for sharing! This is wonderful work with a limited palette in Discover. I enjoyed both of these greatly. Keep up the good work.

  • I might make a Halloween one with discover I'll share on here once I finish it, I might cheat and pepper an albion into it haha :) labs has some really good sounds which I will add to as well!

    Thanks mate and I too am greatful for you sharing your work!

  • Taron
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    That's awesome, thank you, Andrew! πŸ˜ƒ

    I really am having a blast with it and to me it does end up sounding absolutely fascinating at the end, considering my persistent squinting, when picking the closest articulation to what I'd want to use, πŸ˜„, but dang... what an amazing gift and how amazingly wise, too. I can't stop dreaming about Core, 😊, not even daring to consider Pro. But there really is something about a super compact solution like Discover. And there's still stuff to discover, too. And as a learning tool, wow. If I come across anyone, who wishes to learn orchestration, I must recommend it as the most perfect starting point, hands down/on! πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ

    Thanks, again, I'm super happy you don't mind me sharing these.πŸ€— ...above all, thanks for what your team is creating!

  • That is great, thanks for sharing! It has a bit of a waltz vibe in it. When you said let's cringe about the drums, I don't think they are the problem but the mixing of them. They sound in a different room with a different tone, but nothing that some compression, some tape saturation and reverb can't glue them all together.

  • Ahaha, yeah, or possibly a hint of tango, I suppose. There are plenty of triplets, though, that's true, but cutting back to keep inside 4/4.

    Yeaha, it is literally the Discover Percussion, meaning that they are pretty far back and quite aggressive with their reverb, which I would assume does come from the same room. BUT hey, good idea to do a bit more aggressive mixing on them to see, if it could reel it back in! Thanks for the tip!πŸ‘οΈ

    And, anyway, THANK YOU, George! πŸ€— ...almost feels like this may finally become a conversation here, hehe, that's brilliant, I love it! πŸ˜ƒ

  • I've just been trying to play with different energies, see how I may handle them in Discover. If only for myself, it really works quite well to sketch things out...

  • Taron
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    I mean, this all is now under "Academy", right?, it may not be too far off to share with you some of my observations about my own composition process?!

    Well, after a few hours had passed, I casually thought about listening to my little 'energies set 01" again and noticed that it was totally unreadable. Like there was no orientation in it, since I just started putting in some held strings, meandering about with no hint as to tempo or timings and it made it impossible to understand melody and chord progression beneath. Made me blush in terror.πŸ˜– ... so I went back in and laid some flute/clarinet staccato behind the opening to provide a bit more orientation. Even now I think it would take twice as many bars to establish a sense for the timing and path of the melody before tumbling down a rather daring modulation into the yet more adventurous sections of this one, tssss...

    But, yeah, the magic of letting a few hours pass after having only spent a few hours to make a track. I mean, I couldn't even recognize it myself anymore, haha... normally that takes a night and morning, but well. I really need more experience with orchestral arrangement and composition, no doubt. 😚

  • Testing more energies with Discover. Good fun, despite the compromises, but I sure am loving it...

  • In this third tiny set of energies I focused on brass, because I haven't done much work with brass, yet, and still don't quite know, if I can handle them decently. Certainly Discover is a dare to explore anything in detail, but since it makes it so easy, it's probably pretty perfect to test the brassy waters with it, too...

    My special fun was with the strings, though, creating a very "traditional" kind of sparkle, which I also haven't quite exploited or even properly explored, yet. It's pretty amazing to me how they can sound... hopefully not atrocious to those in the know, but I'm rather enjoying them. πŸ˜€

    Look, like many here, I'd love to get some reactions, because that's always such a great motivation, but at the same time I'm ready to return to my synth crowd again. All I'm saying is that I'm sorry this feels a bit like a waste of time already, mine and yours. I did enjoy this brief journey, though, and I hope you didn't mind me sharing some of it with you. I'm always happy to be around other musicians and I'll happily pop in again every now and then.

  • Look at that, I'm popping in again! 😜

    I've just made this fun experiment, using Global Tune to slur between string longs. It's subtly, because I always just used it on one violin (1 or 2) and used the other to blend over it, letting the effect get through with less of the formant bending ugliness:

    For some reason it really wanted to become a Wild West theme and I, well, let it... never done that before, but it's somehow so happy and friendly. Had to giggle almost the whole time. 😁

  • Sounds great @Taron. I think I saw Clint Eastwood riding by!

  • Hehehehe... or Winnetou, for that matter. πŸ˜„

    Thanks, Russel! πŸ€—

  • Alright, apparently I won't stop posting my Discover experiments here. But, please, let me know if enough is enough! Here's my 4th set of energies... kind of a bit troubled by the reverb, which really shows to be a problem in this one, but hey...

    By now I'm just about to hit a bit of a wall with Discover. I may still do some sort of comedy experiment or the likes, but it sort of looks like that's that. It's beautiful for what it is, though, I mean Discover and I'll always be grateful for such a wonderful gift! πŸ€—

  • I probably could write anything by now, assuming it won't be read... it's the new speak-easy! πŸ˜ƒ

    Anyway, I just made another little Discover experiment, but also just had some fun:

    Again, it's all about my attempts to create some sort of legato, but again only with automated Global Tune in places and Release at 0%. All of it then runs through a reverb for tails. Unfortunately one can't cut sampled tails from spiccato or any short articulation, but it still blends quite well, I find.