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Hi Spitfire

Is there a notated score available for Uist somewhere? I am referring to the conductors score that would have been prepared for the Uist sessions. I ask as I would like to be able to have a live orchestra perform a version of the mockups created when using Uist sounds.



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    Hey James,

    We can't make scores available but I can certainly discuss how they are put together. They're not written in the sense a lot of people expect, i.e a lot of complex notation or custom articulation markings.

    What you will find, and in the case of UIST, are correct but simple notation with gliss markings which have written directions of how to perform that gliss. I.e (Bar 1) Senza Vib Accending Gliss (Bar 7) ------------> Sul pont,

    Or words to that effect. This is just a made up direction in a similar style .



  • Got it. Thanks Jack.