Hans Zimmer Product users: Why did you purchase them?

Hi all! As part of my PhD research, I’m briefly looking into some Spitfire products and was wondering if you could help me out with a simple question.. just trying to get a quick consensus!

Those who own any of the Hans Zimmer products; why did you buy them? What was it that made you purchase any of the Hans Zimmer libraries? How much of an influence was the Zimmer Branding? Also, could you please let me know if you use them as a working professional or as a hobbyist?

Looking forward to hearing people’s reasons! Thank you.



  • I own all three of HZ's libs. For me, it's the non-conventional approach, a modern perspective to create a more cinematic sound rather than a classical one. For instance, on HZ Strings, Violins are available on the left, right and centre. This changes the way the audio will be perceived during playblack. It's not simply taking the same section and flipping it, it's a completely different recording. Basses are central and have a massive low end. Celli again, huge ensemble which creates a lushness to the tone.

    The piano is a tone I've always loved. The tail and sound of it sustained to me is something which appeals. Simple few notes have longevity due to the AIR studio, that other libraries don't have.

    The percussion is also a modern approach which is still heard, and one of the libraries that also allow for flexibility in sound. That you can play the softest sound just as loud as the hardest hitting sound. A workflow I have adopted for most of my percussion, as it allows for the lower frequencies to come through when loud, rather than simply the higher frequencies.

    Hans Zimmer's branding is a draw, it has his trademark. However, to me it's about the sound of the library and what is achievable with it. Sometimes to get something unique sound you need a clean slate approach at the recording phase, and that's what I think HZ's libs, especially the strings, does.

  • I am a hobbyist but I make synths, midi controllers and metal enclosures for musical instruments so you could say it’s part of my profession.

    I own hz piano. Zero percent purchased on hz name. The largest reason I purchased it was due to being recorded in air studio.

  • I own HZ Strings and HZP.

    The strings i got for the way they sound big and i like big. I am a fan of Zimmer's music but I am a bigger fan of his personality so that also added to why i purchaced them.

    The piano for me is how I like piano's to sound. Bright and poweful then you can mess around with the sound to suit the piece you are writing.

    I don't have the perc yet but i will eventually get it as i like the big blockbuster sounds.

  • I do not recommend Hanz Zimmer percussion.

    There are a lot of problems with it, and I just don't think it was well recorded. There is peaking in the samples and clipping at the beginning of some of the percussion also.