Lea Bertucci Acoustic Shadows


I've used a lot of this library for different things, but I keep coming up against the problem that some of the sounds - particularly Harmon Mutes, are so super quiet that they're almost not usable - I have to record them at full volume on the plugin, then normalise them for them even to be heard. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Most of the other sounds work fine.




  • I love this Library, Yes... mine start at a slightly low volume but then build up. Make sure your dynamic and expression are up...? You could try a reinstall, and if that doesn't work find a neutral plugin/eq you could use to boost the signal. (no one will know) I do not know another way.

    I have the OPW Library as well and love that too. Pool Project is next for me.

  • Hi Both,

    This patch is generally very quiet just due to the nature in which we recorded it - the player is moving as they play the note, so it will start very quiet, get a little louder and then go back again.

    I do agree it’s extremely quiet in comparison to the other patches, but this was part of the concept Lea wrote up for the library and we are not at this time prepared to change volume.

    Best approach is to use the master volume in the UI and add any gain changes post plug-in also.