Originals: Epic Brass + Woodwinds "long" articulation playing short

Hi Spitfam!

Windows 10. FL Studio (because I'm stuck with it at work).

I have a sketch of a big brass moment going in the Epic Brass longs. The trumpets at the top of the range are playing short. I've adjusted release times, removed and replaced the patch and the track, and everything else I can think of. Has anyone encountered this, and do you have thoughts on how to fix?

Happy composing, all!


  • Hey @mikemuncher How long are you holding the notes for? Is there anyway you could attach a MIDI segment and audio sample of this? I've just had a look at the patch on my end and it seems to be working as it should be. I'd be happy in having a closer look though to see if I can replicate what you're experiencing!