I've got the BBC SO with the three versions - Was just "puzzling" over the multi out within Cubase 8.5.

When it launches it is just the stereo version.

I saw another tutorial and what is needed is the multi-out version of the VST either in VST 2.x or VST 3.

Current test is on Windows 10 64 (I do have a Mac or two) but is not in use for this test.

How do I obtain the multi-out version of the VST for BBC SO? - When the original install took place it was all done via the Spitfire Audio application.

It would be good to be able to get this for Mac & PC and downloadable either via the browser or by the Spitfire App - Either way this is needed - Please advise how this is possible - Thanks


  • I don't know about Cubase 8.5, but in Cubase Pro 11 BBCSO Pro creates 16 stereo outputs by default. You can check number of output setting clicking on "GLOBAL SETTINGS" icon in the right upper corner. Then in the popup window choose "Audio" from the left side menu and scroll to the very bottom.

    Maybe this helps.

  • @fraz let me know if the advice above helps, and if not, I can raise a ticket for you where one of our agents can assist.