Recording in the Solfeggio Frequencies

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I have a client who is asking for several songs to be recorded in the Solfeggio frequencies, specifically 432hz and more importantly 528hz. The client is asking for long play meditation compositions. If I change the 'tuning' in the Logic Project settings, it looks like I only have a range of 415hz to 460hz (+-100 cents). In the actual plug-in I can't fine-tune the pitch it seems.

What is the best way of going about this?

Jeff Harden

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    @Jeff for Spitfire Plugin products, this is found in the plugin settings (cog in the top right) - Audio.

    For SA Recordings and LABS, this is found in the (...) settings:

    And finally for Kontakt, you'll need to open Master settings, where the tuning can be edited:


  • For 528Hz you could go to 444 Hz and play a C5 (or C above your 440 A).

  • Ok... I did see a YouTube video recommending that, but unless I'm completely missing something it's not just that 528hz tone that I want to include in the project... it's the entire project if that makes sense. So does changing the project settings 'tuning' affect every SA sample library I've loaded in?

    Jeff Harden

  • Oh, there is a youtube video about that? I just figured it out by playing with it. (Using my own vst, "Lord of the Springs", to which I had added Concert Pitch adjustment).

    I did make a MUX patch a long time ago on Solfeggio frequencies, both as playable "instrument" and as a sort of wind chimes with bias options, I think, it's been many years ago.

    You should not try to adjust the entire project unless you had micro-tuning on your instruments (which mine has, too, haha). Instead, if I wanted to do this with orchestral libraries, I'd probably dedicate instruments to specific frequencies, such as the above. You could use some tone generator or frequency monitor to pitch your instruments' concert pitch according to your needs. Of course, you will have to be careful about harmonic relationships, but that goes without saying.

    Anyway, I used to love that topic and spent quite some time with it and meditation myself. I should pick that up again, too, it's so beneficial to get your energy and focus back, finding yourself and your source. 😇

  • Hi Taron

    I am really keen to understand if you can offer me the solfeggio frequencies synth / instrument in Logic X?

    Thanks to let me know if you still have it and how we go about possibly making it happen!? I will pay.


  • Awww, thanks, Benny, but I have never tried compiling an AAX or whatever that format was again. Not to mention that I'm presently still a bit out of sorts, having a new machine and no external adapter to read internal SSDs, which I'd have to do to get all my old sources/projects back. Even less to mention how little time I have these days.

    But one day, yeah, it's a fantastic thing to have! 😎