bbc so discovery


I case i do want to upgrade to bbc so core ..i need to know about the functionality of the bbcso discovery plugin.

Is it possible to assign multiple midi channels to one bbc so discovery plug in

Example say i do want to assign for piccolo , the long and staccatisimmo articulation to midi channel 1 and 2

The idea is in Cubase to use one instrument track and using both articulations on it



  • George-Ciprian
    edited August 23

    The term is multi timbral and the Spitfire player doesn't have that, like Kontakt or other players. I wish it had that, also a purge. Spitfire plugin is not that resource intensive but when you get to a bigger template it kind of shows the limit when you don't have that much RAM.

    I don't know how it's in Cubase but you can still route each articulation of a single instrument to a different midi, from one instance of the plugin, and probably multiple mic positions in Pro (I don't have it to know) which is what I do and you will save some resources.

  • @George-Ciprian optimising the plugin (for example, purging) is something I'm actively pushing for- particularly with BBCSO. It is a complex matter with no quick solution, so appreciate your patience in the meantime!