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I'm staggered by the variety in Albion One but one little thing I can't seem to locate and I can't believe something this detailed doesn't have it. Cue question above... is there and if so where do I find it on the GUI a latch/hold function for the eDNA interface?

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    @Rossb this fucntionality is not built into eDNA, though you'd be able to achieve it by using a Sustain Pedal or CC64 automation lane to suspend/ hold the samples whilst switching track lanes. Alternatively, increasing the Release in the ADSR Envelope of each bank will increase the release time- though not sustain infinitely like a sus. pedal would.


  • Hi @Rossb

    What are you looking to latch/ hold? The overall sound or a specific effect/ modulation?

  • Hi Angus

    Thanks for replying - I thought my question had gone into the wide blue yonder!!

    I was hoping the edna would have a function that would allow me to keep the overall sound of a key or chord sounding while I play other instruments. It is a common feature on keyboards with arpeggiators and I can't believe something as sophisticated as edna doesn't have it. I've looked high and low in the GUI but can't find it. I hope you can help.



  • After using the Arpeggiator in the Albion NEO EDNA patches, I find myself wanting an update to EDNA Earth to include the built-in arpeggiator. I obviously can use an external arpeggiator, but if you're taking requests for new features for old products, I'm happy to suggest bringing that functionality back to the EARTH library!