Using the "longs" articulation for winds, how do I add initial attack to the notes?

I find the wind instrument note attack when using the "longs" articulations is unrealistic. After a breath, and a new note is sounded, there should be a small "tonguing" to start the note but I can't seem to duplicate this using the Core samples. I am a French Horn player so I know whereof I talk ;-)

Anyone know how to get around the problem given that there seems not to be any ADSR envelope in the Core player?

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  • I sometimes overlay a shorter/different articulation with more of an attack on a separate track - Marcato or Staccattissimo or the like - and experiment with blending them in.

  • Thanks for the reply. That’s a lot of work to change the attack for a single note at the beginning of each phrase and what must look like a very confusing track panel. Is there anything I can do with cc1 and velocity, or some other cc parameter or combinations?

  • I've found that when using BBCSO Core legato patches for brass, setting velocity to 1 for the starting note of each phrase will give it a much more realistic feel.

    I just recently upgraded from Discover to Core, and I feel like I'm finding new things every day. I do hope this helps!

  • I would agree with what's been said so far about overlaying with different articulations, and using legato at different velocities (my preference when possible). The BBCSO is a fantastic library but it doesn't have everything. What it does have for the price though is what I can appreciate.

    I totally understand wanting to write a clean MIDI score/mockup, but it's worth noting that (especially when working with libraries) you may have to do some engineering to get what you want. I personally dislike doing something that seems unnatural to achieve a natural effect, but sometimes I also need to get over it in order to accomplish a particular effect.

    As far as practicality goes it is a good idea to listen to your entire arrangement and mix to see if it makes enough of a difference. Sometimes I spend a lot of time on realism only to find out I can't really appreciate the difference in the grand scheme of things. However, I do lean in the direction of details because more detail than what's heard is often better than a lack thereof.

    Also I know core does not have the different mic positions but sometimes a different mix can help, like boosting the close up details.

    I know, maybe not the most helpful information, but maybe it gives you some things to consider. I believe the winds that include the "Extended legato" articulation have a sharper attack at moderate to high velocities and a longer attack at very low velocities.

  • Thanks... unfortunately I don’t see extended legato for the winds.

  • That's the trick actually. Combine longs with marcato and adjust the velocity to taste

    thanks ++++